Yuan Yue Club (Shanghai)

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    Address: 485 Anlong Road
    Also Known As: 臣海/成海
    DBA in local language: 源月
    Open Hours: 24 Hours
    Category: Massage Parlor
    Payment: Cash
    About Me:
    Yuan Yue Club is a leisure center located on the Anlong Road. It is formerly known as Chenghai(臣海/成海). It has elegant and beautiful interior environment as well as a group of experienced and skillful girls. They can provide full service massage. If you like anal rimming, #12 is recommended. If you like sluty tall girl, then #10 is your perfect choice. If you like young girl providing sm, then you can choose #38 while if you wanna enjoy 69, #30 is recommended.<br /> <br /> Price: 580 RMB for Dry Massage(干磨)<br />        680 RMB for Water Massage(水磨)  
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