Yuan Qi Health Massage (Shanghai)

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    Address: 425 Urumqi North Road
    Also Known As: Animate Massage
    DBA in local language: 元气保健
    Category: Massage Parlor
    Foreigner Friendly: Yes
    About Me:
    YuanQi Health Care Massage is one of the most professional massage shop in Shanghai. It has clean environment but there are no showers. It provides all kinds of massage health care services, the massage technicians have many years’ massage experience, so the technique is very professional, this massage shop also do any special massage service such as HJ, BJ, and they also provide regular massage service. There are about 5 female massage technicians there. They are in long pants with pink polo shirts. Some have shorts on but nothing provocative. The price of Massage is 179rmb. The massage rooms are clean, no showers. There are 3-4 different rooms. 4-5 beds in a room with curtains between them. The massage girl at here can give a really decent massage (not great but better than the HJ girls). They will also ask you for tip when you want a special massage. Some girls will allow you to kiss their chests and play with their breasts. The massage is 178 RMB and the tip is 150 RMB. 
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