Yide Massage (Shanghai)

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    Address: 2/F, 204 Xinle Lu
    DBA in local language: 怡德保健中心
    Open Hours: 11:30am-0:30am
    Category: Massage Parlor
    Foreigner Friendly: Yes
    About Me:
    This massage shop has opened 12 years, On the second floor big balcony, you can see the street view of old French Concession, this local massage parlor offers great massage and mani&pedi at affordable prices, it is one of the best foot massage joints in the FFC. Really good service, just the right amount of grills, comfortable IKEA chairs, low lighting, tea, water that's not too hot, it will be the best choice for people who are visiting in Shanghai.<br /> The Price:<br /> Oil massage: 208rmb/90 minutes<br /> Chinese Medicine Foot Bath: 120rmb<br /> Chinese massage: 118rmb/60 minutes<br /> Foot massage and Chinese massage: 188rmb<br /> Full body massage: 98rmb..
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