Yi He Zu Dao Foot Massage(Tianshan Road) (Shanghai)

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    Address: NO.294, Tianshan Road(close to Weining Roas Station, Metro Line2)
    DBA in local language: 益和足道(天山路店)
    Category: Massage Parlor
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    This massage center located in Tianshan Road, about 5mins from Weining Road Station, Metro Line2. This place is small but full of clean and warm atmosphere. The employees are warm and kind, the technicians are very professioanl with accurate massage manipulation. It provbides visiting service, charging 10rmb an hour. Foot bath+ massage:108rmb for 120mins; full body massage: 60rmb for 60mins. Group purchase will make the price more reasonable. Fruits and tea are available. The comparment is very small and the only thing missing here seems to be privacy.
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