Spring Massage and Spa (Shanghai)

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    Website: http://www.springmassage.com/index.html
    Phone: 021-52138378
    Address: Maoming North Road No. 148
    DBA in local language: 春会馆(茂名店)
    Category: Massage Parlor, Beauty Spa
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
    About Me:
    "Spring Massage" is on Maoming Lu, just south of Weihai Road on the east side of the street. From the intersection, walk south on Maoming Road. About 50 meters down, you'll see a sign for the massage place. Anyway, there is a podium where a greeter could stand, but most of the time there isn't someone there. the massage place is on the second floor. Girls also look like flight attendants as well. 90 min is only 289rmb or something like that. No.9 is way cuter but No.35 has a good attitude. The girls allow much roaming for tips of course.
    I have been there the other day following the reviews here. Service is good, they have a menue of services so you know what you have to pay at the end. Massage skills are really good and the price is absolutely o.k., especially keeping the central location in mind. I will definitely go there again.
    Went there to night, not so busy around 11PM on a rainy Tuesday. Surprised to find a bar out front that part of the Shanghai Pub Crawl.
    Up the second floor and the elevator opens up to a stylish spa much different fromt he ground floor.

    Picked the 258 price on the menu with no regrets Lucky to get # 85 an asian Sally Fields. Great massage, great super tease with light touch, under the carriage pull with milking, Yowzie.

    If you have read the previous reviews you know to expect just a super HJ.
    I must say this takes the top prize. Visit #85 and you will be back for more.
    Went to Spring Massage and Spa several days ago. The place was a little hard to find becuz it's on the second floor and I had to walk down a few steps from the building entrance to take the only elevator in the building.

    Girls there were okay. but I wanna mention the quality of gals depends on the day of the week for selection.  Massage was great and everyone there was nice. I'm goona find some time and repeat there.
    Went twice to Spring massage, and was not able to get anything else than a miserable HJ. I used all my soft skills, fluent Chinese and incentives. Frustrating. Was offered to rub her tits for 100, get a boob-job for 300, nothing more. Just setting expectations that it would be quite hard and, in my opinion, wasted time / efforts, to insist for FS / BJ at that place. That said, maybe there are girls who perform better than others in that join? Mines were #31 and #32.
    Last week I visited Spring Massage before going to sleep. Here is my short report about it: Place name: Spring Massage. Location: Cross of Maoming Lu and WeiHai Lu (entrance in maoming lu. There is a couple of stairs (down) and then you can take the elevator to the second floor) Business hours: close at 2am. Service: HJ (no FS available) Price: 258/80m and you can add 40 for special massage (which I think its just more oil and 10 minutes extra). Girl: #18 LinLin, slim, tall, B cups, nice (not like rest of Chinese) nipples. This place also has regular good quality and not very expensive massages for those of you who just want to relax. Girls who offer the extra services use to wear high heels colorful shoes). You can ask for an specific girl but there isn't a line up or anything like that. LinLin is a very funny girl. She speaks very little english and a little more portuguese. She spent 6 months in Luanda (Angola) for whatever reason I could not find out. Her massage skills were more than acceptable and she was also good taking care of little brother. She happily allows touching (top part naked, down part only over the skirt) and the whole session was smiling and joking. The only bad thing about this place is that they try really hard to sell you the VIP card (1000RMB with 20% disccount) , but at least with a big smile in their face.
    Theres a 209rmd place (1hr) on Maoming Lu called Spring Spa. Girls also look like flight attendants as well. Maybe not Singapore but perhaps Delta. LOL. Anyway. 90 min is only 289rmd or something like that. I get #9 or #35 usually. 9 is way cuter but 35 has a good attitude. The girls allow much roaming for tips of course. I had #9s panties to her kness and she had a nice kitty for sure. #35 wasnt quite as accomadating but ok nontheless. Usually only a 40 to 50rmd tip regardless and they like it. I offered #9 500rmd for FS but she wanted 2500...lol Nice but not today.
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