Shanghai Hotel Leisure Sauna Club (Shanghai)

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    Address: At the Second Floor of Shanghai Hotel,No.505 Wulumuqi North Road
    Also Known As: Shanghai Hotel Sauna
    DBA in local language: 上宾汤田国际会所
    Open Hours: PM 13:00 - AM 2:00
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
    Foreigner Friendly: Yes
    About Me:
    Shanghai Hotel is on the Wulumuqi street behind the Hilton. The environment of the Massage club on the second floor is really very nice. Once you pass the entrance they lead you to the locker room where you undress in front of potential other customers on the locker boys and are provided with a towel. Next room is shower/bath area to wash up if you didn't book the Suimo/Nuru massage where you wash up in the room. Facilities are generally clean with shower gel/shampoo provided. After shower you change into PJs. Then upstairs to the foot massage room. (Normal rooms have TVs on which they showed JP porn and mirrors on top, head and side of the bed.) They ask you if you want something to drink or foot massage, you can just tell the massage girl to give you.<br /> <br /> The staff speaks a few words English, you’re way better off if you can speak some Chinese - but you can get through without talking at all. The Chinese WGs don't speak English at all. So there you'd be down to sign language <br /> <br /> Recently, the sauna employed a group of girls from Dongguan. In Jan. 2014, the red rope service was available. Technician no.82 is recommended if you'd like to try red rope service.<br /> <br /> Rate: Dry rubbing(Ganmo干磨) ISO/780RMB, Nuru Massage( Shuimo水磨)ISO/880, If you book in advance with Manager Yu Qi and quote this manager's name at the front desk, you will enjoy the VIP price: Dry rubbing(Ganmo干磨) ISO/700RMB, Nuru Massage( Shuimo水磨)ISO/800<br />  
    Shanghai Hotel Spa Just got back from a great experience at the Shanghai Hotel Spa (http://shanghai.happymassage.com/mas...club-1291.html). This was my first spa experiences, and many thanks for all those on this forum for giving valuable information. My experience was similar to others. This location was nice since it is easier to ask for help to get to a hotel. When I got there I walked stright through the lobby to the elevators, but this is for the conference center. So, U-turn left after you pass the front desk to get to the regular elevators, and go to the second floor. I was met by a guy who asked if I wanted a massage, and then pointed to a card that showed 700 and something else, which I think depends on the time of day. I was early, so I got the 700. They took me back to a looker room where I took off my clothes and they helped put them in a locker, and gave me a wrist band that unlocks the locker when you get close to it. I took a quick shower, they gave me some pajamas, and then was taken back to a room that was brightly lit and had 10 girls in it. All looked young, pretty, and most were big breasted. I chose one, but could have easily picked any of them. As we were leaving the guy says,"take two?" and I said no. As I was walking to the room with the girl anther girl comes up on my other side and says,"two girls?" but I again said no. My girl, No. 77, was excellent. Pretty, sexy (I know they must have been fakes, but they seemed very real) , and enthusiastic. She spoke very little English, and no kissing. Received BBBJ, CFS, DATY, and CIM. Afterwards she gave a lack-luster massage, but I was felling pretty good anyway. She then takes me back to the guys in the locker room, I showered, sat in the huge hot tub for a bit, then got dressed. It is a little weird to have two guys helping put your socks on. Tipped them each 20, then left an paid 700 on the way out. Overall, a very easy and satisfying experience.
    First time Chinese sauna spa experience report. I checked in at the Ramada Pudong Airport hotel and had a free afternoon until flight next morning, so I decided to explore Shanghai by train. Took the hotel shuttle to Pudong Airport and then boarded the Maglev train (80 RMB round-trip ticket). At the end of the line I hopped into metro line 2 heading west. Alit at Jing'An Temple station, about 9 stations from Maglev's station, and wen to see the temple but the weather was as nasty as it could be. Heavy rain and windy. Determined to stick with my plan, went about doing temple sightseeing and off to Shanghai Hotel, at 505 Wulumqi North Road. I heard that it was a bit hard to find, so I prepared myself and took laptop screenshots of the hotel's map and address with my digital camera. It helped me to find my way there with minimal effort. It's in the general area of Hilton Hotel, about 5 to 10 minutes walk from metro station. Reached the destination soaked wet as the umbrella didn't help much. Walked into hotel lobby and took the lift to 2nd floor, and at the spa reception desk, they showed me two prices. 700 RMB (opening. 5 PM) and 760 RMB (5 PM. Closing) , or something like that. My Chinese is very limited, so I just pointed at the 700 RMB fare that I qualified for. Promptly, they screamed something in Chinese (it probably meant something like: "Horny client coming!") and from there was a fast exchanged of guides showing me the next steps. First, locker room, were two very attentive guys undressed me. Quite weird first time experience; then, bathing area, were I took a quick shower; then the pajama station that had some bed mat in the floor covered with white towel. My first thought was: "Oh shit, I hope this isn't the massage place." But apparently it was the resting bed for pajama station boy. From there, I was taken to a small room with two reclining chair, and was given a bottle of cold water. Sat down, thinking I had some time to relax, but in less than 2 minutes later a knock on the door and a MILF came in and told me to follow her."Oh, no! Is she the massaging lady?" To my relief, as soon as I walked down the hallway, there was a lineup of about 6 7 girls, some in revealing dresses, some in tiny shorts and some in bikinis, all looking much younger and fresher. The hostess told me to pick one. It was a hard decision to make, as all were quite nice looking, slight different body types, and faces but none were chubby or over 30 years old (in my opinion). Asked for one that could speak some English, but no luck there. So I chose a tall, university student-looking girl, wearing a cute black and white bikini. Like a girlfriend, she held my arm and walked me towards the massage room. The other girls followed right behind talking and giggling, and one of then spoke in broken English: "two massage girl, OK?" I declined because this I wanted to have a cuddly one-to-one experience. Maybe next time. In the room she undressed me and told me to lay face down and proceed to undress herself right away. Her hand massage skills on my back were so-so, but I didn't care. But the warm water licking and sucking sessions were quite good. After few minutes, she gesticulated to get in my hands and knees. Upon complying, she spread my knees, swiped me with a tissue sprayed with some disinfectant and, oh-la-lah, enjoyed a nice session of intense arse area finger playing and balls licking. Then, she told to lay on my back, and went ahead to perform some nipple sucking while playing with my dick. After a while she started to do a BBBJ, which was nice but nothing really extraordinary and then she capped me. FJ was ok, lots of fake moaning, but her skin was flawless, firm, and smooth, so it felt great while rubbing myself against her body. Her tits were on the smaller side, but, again, I didn't care. Unfortunately, I didn't keep track of time and did not time myself and shot with still good 15 minutes to spare. To my surprise, instead of dressing up a leaving after the job is done, she laid down next to me, still naked, picked her hand-phone and we exchanged some smartphone translation app chit-chat, while, off course, I caressing her smooth body the entire time. She offered to stay another hour with me for an extra 580 RMB, a second-round I assume. But I was concerned that I could get lost and miss the last train back to hotel, so I declined, which now I deeply regret. Her name is Charlene, a youthful 22 years old old Shanghainese girl and she asked me to look for her when I return to Shanghai. Showed me her phone number, but I didn't take note. I pretended to memorize it and smiled back. Although I have no idea when I'll be able to go again, I said that I'll surely call her next time in town and asked how much she'll charge to spend one whole night with me and she showed me 2, 000 RMB on her hand phone. She helped me to put on my pajamas, got into her bikinis, gave me a goodbye hug and walked me out for the room, where the same guys strategically positioned at hallway showed me the way back to shower and locker areas. I didn't like the rush-rush pace when got in, but realized that I could relax as much as I wanted at the bathing pool and sauna area afterwards. Going out, I tipped the two locker boys 30 RMB each. Definitely not used to have two guys holding my underwear and socks to help me get dressed. Paid my 700 RMB and left. Still raining hard outside. FYI, Charlene is #85. Friendly and cute. Could RTF, but I'd like to try other girls as they were very attractive too.
    Tried this out today. Very nice facilities. It's like an upscale male spa. I guess this is like China's version of a Brazilian terma. Anyway, after I showered I picked out a chick. She took me too a room and gave me a pretty good massage. I think they call it a body massage. Tongue and body action all over. She did some pretty good trick where she puts hot water in her mouth and then like massages your body with her lips. Letting very small amounts of hot water leak out as she goes. Felt damn good. Got my ass eaten for the first time, a rimming I believe it called. Felt damn good as well. She tried to put a finger in but I shut that down real quick. She got the point. Finished me off with a pretty decent BJ then gave me another massage for about 5 min. We walked out together she left and I went to the shower. FYI. This place is like a fn maze. It's easy as hell to get lost in here. Now after I shower there were these two guys in the locker room that were very helpful. I mean they dried my feet and damn near wanted to put my underwear on for me. As I'm walking out one basically stood in front of me and asked for a tip. I laughed then asked how much he wanted. Sounds like he said,"one, or two, or three". I pulled a ten out and offered it to him and then he wouldn't take. I guess he thought it wasn't enough. Who knows. So I go to settle the bill and the guy says 700. From what I've read on this board that's well above the value of this place. However, they did tell me 700 right before I went into the room so I can't really cry about it. I knew it was going to be something crazy just by the way they never talked price until I asked. When I initially walked in they rushed me into the locker room. So all in all, good massage and pretty good service. Very FN expensive though. I'm sure I got ripped off, but I just chalk it up to me being a noobie in Shanghai. Thanks for the info on this spot though. Doubt I'll return but it was a cool experience.
    First the shanghai hotel mens spa. It is still great, but the price has went up a little since I was here about a year ago, both the actually price, and the exchange rate isn't as good as it was... that said, I think the talent looks s bit better this year! Service is still the same; cat bath followed by rimming, to a bbbj, to the deed. I believe you can get the famous red rope service, but I have never personally asked. One thing I did notice was that the guy at the front I spoke with spoke pretty good English. Personally I know of some aamo girls that are better in the Bay for the price, but I still think this place is a must do if you haven't experienced it yet.
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