Shanghai Hotel Leisure Sauna Club (Shanghai)

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    Address: At the Second Floor of Shanghai Hotel,No.505 Wulumuqi North Road
    Also Known As: Shanghai Hotel Sauna
    DBA in local language: 上宾汤田国际会所
    Open Hours: PM 13:00 - AM 2:00
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
    Foreigner Friendly: Yes
    About Me:
    Shanghai Hotel is on the Wulumuqi street behind the Hilton. The environment of the Massage club on the second floor is really very nice. Once you pass the entrance they lead you to the locker room where you undress in front of potential other customers on the locker boys and are provided with a towel. Next room is shower/bath area to wash up if you didn't book the Suimo/Nuru massage where you wash up in the room. Facilities are generally clean with shower gel/shampoo provided. After shower you change into PJs. Then upstairs to the foot massage room. (Normal rooms have TVs on which they showed JP porn and mirrors on top, head and side of the bed.) They ask you if you want something to drink or foot massage, you can just tell the massage girl to give you.<br /> <br /> The staff speaks a few words English, you’re way better off if you can speak some Chinese - but you can get through without talking at all. The Chinese WGs don't speak English at all. So there you'd be down to sign language <br /> <br /> Recently, the sauna employed a group of girls from Dongguan. In Jan. 2014, the red rope service was available. Technician no.82 is recommended if you'd like to try red rope service.<br /> <br /> Rate: Dry rubbing(Ganmo干磨) ISO/780RMB, Nuru Massage( Shuimo水磨)ISO/880, If you book in advance with Manager Yu Qi and quote this manager's name at the front desk, you will enjoy the VIP price: Dry rubbing(Ganmo干磨) ISO/700RMB, Nuru Massage( Shuimo水磨)ISO/800<br />  
    Place is closed to my knowledge
    I went there based on the reviews. No red rope. Took me to a room and offered 3 girls (5-8). Took the 8 (don't remember her number). Pretty good service (nuru, bj, fs, cim), but she had a cold. I was afraid I would get it! Maybe it was the hour (late), but the place seemed shabby, no red rope, and not a good selection.
    In the lobby, there was a woman told me "massage with sex" was 600 RMB, but I did not accept and went upstairs. 

    This was my first time here so I had no idea what was going on. I was led by two young guys to the changing room. After taking all my clothes off, I followed them to an enormous hot tub. Near 10 mins later, a muscular came to me. He told me something and I followed him to a table where he rubbed me down very hard, essentially exfoliating my skin.

    When I finished my bathing, the manager led me to the fish bowl where I selected my massage girl. The girl took me to the massage room. I thought there would be something special offered but nothing happened so I told the girl I need to relax. Then she went out and came back with her tool. HJ+ BBBJ and ML. 

    Damange: 780 RMB for the massage. 140 RMB for the scraping
    It was a great place where I went for several times. It was not cheap but clean and safe with excellent services. 

    The first time I choose the 760 RMB package. I was lead to a room which was playing porn with mirrors on top and sides of the wall. I liked the decration as I could see what my girl was doing clearly. 

    Anyway, she helped me undress quickly and let me lay in the bed to view her taking off her sexy clothes one by one. Nice scene. Then she gave me a little massage with awesome BBBJ(with hot and cold water in her mouth).She put on the raincoat for my LB and then sat on top. CG, Missionary, doggie... but I didn't come and finally finished with HJ.

    The girl told me to repeat for the 880RMB Package and she would bring me the endless pleasure during the session of 80 mins. Actually, I would even if she did not suggest me to do so.
    Anyways, I decided to go back to shanghai hotel since I actually stayed there. The price for contacting the manager ahead of time and visiting the sauna was 700 RMB at any time of the day. If i wanted to bring a girl to my room, the price would've been 880 RMB. This year, they also started offering wet massage. I wasn't interested in it, but asked for red rope instead. If you are confused or unclear, watch the video athttp://www.happymassage.com/wiki/Red_Rope, it accurately described what I got. The girl was so good that I popped near the end of the spin....

    The quality of girl at shanghai hotel has also gone up from last year. I went there on tue, fri, sat late afternoon, late night, and each time they had at least 8+ girl in the fishbowl available. For me, at least 4 of 8+ were on par if not better in terms of looks comparing to the $$ AAMP girls I have visited here in sbay.
    I visited Shanghai Hotel, It seems that It is clean and nice place. Only problem that there was not enought light in rooms. It gives cheap brothel affect. For my visit; they took me lockers, you put everthing to there. Then they take you shower and to room that you choose your girl. Then girl takes you the private room. Total damage is 700RMB + 40 RMB tip. In my case I was looking for erotic massage but they do only intercourse so do not go there If you look for massage, But If you are looking for sex It is correct place.
    I had #212 and she offered good service (nuru massage along with full service). The reason for the horrible review was because she eventually led me to one of her co-workers, and I thought this was another massage/full service. Turns out it was just a hj for 800! As I was not fluent in mandarin, I tried to reason with her in English to say I thought this was full service. She said if I cancelled it, it would cost 200 but she was willing to offer a slightly lower price of 500. Overall good initial massage but I had to pay for both the massage and hj. The hj was quite disappointing as it was not appropriately conveyed to me.

    Overall spend was 1100 (880 for massage, 200 for cancellation, 20 for tips).
    eturned to Shanghai Hotel last evening to say good- bye to a 'friend' of mine, #25, Tingting, who will leave soon. She is young, has an amazing body (but small tits) and just a wonderful attitude. She asked me to bring her friend along, which normally is not my thing, but I agreed this time. Her friend was #21, Angie. Angie was a bit more chubby than Tingting, but with great tits, so it was good match. She spoke English very well. And, same as Tingting, she had a great and very energetic attitude. I had a great time.
    The sauna centre in Shangahi hotel is awesome.
    They don't offer any sauna massage. Its just massage and special massage 760 RMB.
    Pretty cheap considering others. Great collection of girls.
    Shanghai Hotel

    A lot of extensive research before my trip to Shanghai recently led me to shortlist this place. It's in the lane behind the Hilton. And what a find! 

    I went there on a weekday, just after 5pm. Choice was limited to a fishbowl of only 5 girls. Picked up #33, Xiamei I think her name was. She is quite hot, probably late 20s, early 30s but an amazing rack and an awesome GFE.

    Make sure you don't buy any extras on your way to the fishbowl (there is a guy who will provide some massage service after you shower, which will be charged 70 RMB, later).

    Paid 700 RMB for an hour and it was amazing.

    Everything goes, except for anal. Started off with me doing 15 mins of DATY, Rimming and fingering her pussy and ass. Once I got her all excited, she ravished me for the next 10 odd mins doing a BBBJ, rimming and cat bath. We then did 20 mins of sex in multiple positions starting with doggy, missionary, cow girl etc. Until I climaxed. She also climaxed a couple of times.

    She arranged for a couple of free beers and exchanged numbers. We also spend another 15 odd mins lying naked and talking.

    Amazing stuff, will definitely visit again.
    priapus goes to shanghai hotel Priapus has so far been unimpressed with the girl quality in shanghai, but a visit to the famous "Shanghai Hotel Spa" on the second floor of 505 wulumuqi road changed all that. Number: 20 Name: Jin Jin from Shanxi Age: 22 Face: 8 (hot) Body: 8 (hot, some congenital bumps on the side of her rib cage) Skill: 4 (workmanlike) Service: 4 (no GFE whatsoever) Mamasan (Ms. Teng Xi, clearly a former looker) explained pricing as follows. 880 for 80-minute bath and sex 760 for 60-minute sex 700 for 60-minute sex before 7pm +580 for another hour Arrived at around 5pm Monday. Lineup of ten fairly quality girls with maybe two pork chops. Chose the smallest one with best face. Very nice B cups, and generally boner-inducing body. It's always been hard for me to criticize sauna girls for service as I'm usually just thrilled if an average girl so much as talks to me and here's a hot girl sticking her tongue up my ass whilst giving me a hj. But if I must judge, then by most veteran standards, #20's effort level was minimal. She didn't last more than 8 pumps in CG and RCG, and complained about being tired even though I suspect I may have been her first for the day. Afterwards, mamasan volunteered "not very good service?" without any prompting from me. Despite this I would retry #20 in a heartbeat. Nerdy guys from suburban America will always be suckers for hot, lazy girls. The tragedy is most of those guys will never know how much hot, lazy ass can be had for a plane ticket to Asia and a hundred bucks.
    Shanghai Hotel SPA 2013 Location: Shanghai Hotel in Jing'An Girl: #67 Age: 26 (she said) Face: 7/10 Body: 9/10 (165 cm), C+ cup Attitude: Very friendly, GFE Service: Excellent, BBBJ, DFK, rimming, DATY Damage: RMB 880 (1 hour, 2 shots) Overall Rating: 8/10 info : Credit Card is allowed. English speaking front desk. First Visit to shanghai and read a post about this hotel with spa facilities. As i stayed closed by i decided to give it a try. Usual Routine as you enter the place, change of clothes and off to sauna area. When you get out from the sauna, a guy will massage you to clean you up for 70 rmb. After shower you proceed to pick the girls. The mamasan showed me a line of girls and almost all of them was pretty much good looking. i took my time and picked 67 as she very nice assts on her in her bikini. after that proceed to the room where i was told to undress while she prepared the shower area where she will clean you up again and give a soapy bath with her awesome body. Her boobs are real and it felt awesome when she was rubbing it all over me. First the back then the front with a little boob fucking. stop and clean up here and dry up and proceed to the bed. This is where the action begins! first she ask me to turn around and proceed to rimming! it was an insane experience. i couldnt take it so i turn around and she proceed to give me a BBBJ while i squeeze her awesome C cup boobies, playing with her nipple. i proceed to finger her as she sat on top of me she was really wet and she took it all as she was enjoying it. it lasted for about 5 mins then she took the CD and cap me. she started riding me while i proceed to play with her boobies and suck it non stop. then switched to missionary and i decided to finish it off with doggie but asked if i could cum on her boobs she said to try aim properly haha. Proceed to pound her hard while grabbing that awesome boobs of yours. took out the CD and made her turn around and came on face and boob instead. she gladly took it tho. hehe. i had about 15 mins left but i had to go so i told her its ok. i showered up and she cleaned me up and i got ready and left. Sorry for no pics as she didnt allowed me to take any. RTF : YES! lots of gems to try still. Overall experience : A MUST DO IN SHANGHAI and there are other places too which i would love to give a go!
    Tried the shanghai hotel water massage - well recommended. Price was 890. 5 girls to choose from but I went early in the day (4pm).
    Shanghai Hotel Sauna - May 2013 Location: Shanghai Hotel in Jing'An Time of visit: May 31, 2013 Girl: #88 (picture below) Age: 26 (she said) Face: 7/10 Body: 9/10 (165 cm), B+ cup Attitude: Very friendly, GFE Service: Excellent, CIM, BBBJ, DFK, rimming, DATY Damage: RMB 760 (1 hour, 2 shots) + 100 for tips Overall Rating: 8/10 Prior Visit: http://forum.sex141.com/eforum/v ... &extrapage%3D4 As my luck would have it, I was invited to Shanghai by a client earlier this month for a few days. I barely had time to monger, since I was with my client constantly for my 4 day trip to Shanghai. Rather than explore the city, I decided to visit the Shanghai Hotel sauna hotel once again since it was right behind the Hilton in Jing'An. The sauna is open until 2AM, and I arrived around 12:30 AM, and I was greeted by the Papasan, who recognized me from my last visit. I asked for #58, but she wasn't there any more. So I asked for the lineup, and about 10 women--all of them were attractive in some way--gathered in front of me. I picked #88 because she smiled at me and was wearing a bikini that displayed her ample assets. Having been here before, I knew the routine (shower, waiting room with drink, then massage room). My girl led me to the massage room and seemed pleased that I picked her. She didn't speak any English, but with my crude Mandarin, we could communicate. She's from Sichuan, I believe, and arrived here only a month earlier. She said she wasn't very busy since she got here, and only planned to work here a few months before returning back home. I like chatting before doing the deed because I feel it makes both of us feel at ease and more relaxed. After some conversation, she took everything off--hers and mine--and gave me a rimjob and BBBJ that sent me to heaven. Slow and sensual, the BBBJ almost made me explode right there. I asked her for the rubber, which she slipped on quickly, and then we proceeded to go through multiple positions: missionary, CG, Reverse CG, and then doggy-style. I pulled out after around 10-12 minutes, and then performed DATY on her, which she seemed to appreciate. Did she come? I hope so. She seemed to enjoy it quite a bit, pushing my head into her crotch until I could barely breathe. She tasted wonderful, BTW. I shared some of her pussy juice with her by DFKing her afterwards. Finally, she finished me off with a BBBJ and a HE with CIM. About the only thing she didn't do was swallow. That's OK by me. She offered me another shot, but by then, I was too tired to go another round with her. I asked for, and received, a pretty good neck and back massage for the remaining 10 minutes of the hour. All told, this was another good experience at the Shanghai Hotel sauna. I want to visit other places in Shanghai next time, but I will most certainly visit the Shanghai Hotel again.
    Big Joe 11
    I went there yesterday and the facility is very modern and clean. They now have nuru massage and it is $880. I have #17 and she was a very cute girl.
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