Sacrosa Club (Shanghai)

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    Address: 5F,Hua Shen Tower,No.1085 Pudou Road
    Also Known As: Grand Elite Sauna
    DBA in local language: 名殿至尊精英桑拿会所
    Open Hours: 11:00am to 02:00am
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
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    Sacrosa is the most popular club in the Pudong Area. the girls are beautiful and the service is comparable to the other massage places in Shanghai, but the facility is not so luxury than other places. but for that you pay less. after you take shower, you will have some time in your relaxing room, then you can select the girl and spend the private massage time with her. they also do the "bubble massage. the girl will fill her mouth with hot and cold water, than touch you body with her mouth and start to breath air inside, you will feel the cold and hot water on several places of your body. Price: 580 RMB daytime (leave before 6 pm) 670 RMB nighttime tip: girls start working between 11 and 12 in daytime and will work for 12 to 14 hours, so if you come earlier (we call that early flight ;-)) you will have less tired and more motivated service.

    PS: For the time being, this place only offers regular sauna. 
    Visited SACROSA last Monday, and it was the same as before. It was a busy night and I went directly to have a sauna, great service, I got two shots and non-rushed massage treatments. 
    Sacrosa 29th November girl 212

    So thanks to advice from the board I went to Sacrosa on a Friday afternoon in Shanghai. Excuse the chronology of the events, but I'm going to detail most things here. I went at about 2:30pm.

    From the hotel near Nanjing Lu to Sacrosa cost me 48 RMB, pretty expensive because the driver basically had no clue. Perhaps that was by design, don't know, but it was probably 5 RMB more than it should be. He went around the block then did a U-turn, then shot past it. I only recognised Sacrosa because of pictures of the building on the net. Seems to me Shanghai taxi drivers don't like maps and don't like GPS systems. And like driving very fast. Walked into the building entry on the left, past all the restaurants and up to the fifth floor. Some sweet young things got in with me (please be available) but they got out at higher floors. All up Sacrosa is easy to find if you have the directions and is on a busy street albeit a little set back from the road. Search the net for images before you go.

    Anyway, they seem quite foreigner friendly, as I was pointed in the right directions to the communal change room where everyone stripping off. Lots of helpers. When in Rome. Into the communal showers. I had a towel to carry with me but the locals seem quite blase about male nudity. Shower, then straight to the drying area and on with the boxer shorts and shirt. Kind nice to be freewheeling.

    Once dried, led to a "room" that stank of smoke. I think the locals like to rest, chillax etc before the main course. The guy came for me but I asked him for a few minutes. There is a tall guy here who speaks good English so it could flow. He then led me to a small reception area and introduced me to about 15 women line up. There is no one-way mirror like in Annie's in Thailand. They can see you and you can see them. As discussed before, my appearance makes it hard to find the right one. Or perhaps that's Sacrosa girls who look generally miserable? Most looked unhappy or avoided eye contact. 212 kept good eye contact and smiled and that's enough for me. Not a fussy guy. As I've said in previous reviews, I'm not oil painting, so as long as the girl is happy to go with me, I'm okay as well. 212 was pretty in a round faced way. Not aqualine features but nice tits, curvy figure and pleasant demeanour. And of course no English.

    In to the room, she brought me a drink of warm water, then stripped off and revealed a pleasant figure. Definitely doable.

    Started with a massage of legs, back arms, then flip over and massage of front. Pleasant although a little straightforward. She then started with the action, first came the blow job. She actually had a great slow technique, with hot water. Unfortunately due to language barriers she only went for three or four minutes and when I said slow down she thought I meant stop. DAMN! It was really nice but far too short.

    Then onto some rimming in two positions, first lifting my leg into a corkscrew around hers then on my stomach again. Once again, nice, a little too short. Not as good as Thailand but Shanghai is another country.

    Finally onto the main act, her on top, then doggy on the edge of the bed, and then missionary. No DATY allowed but licking of breasts okay. I played it out as long as I could before coming at the 30 minute mark. All good.

    After reading the reviews, I expected the next part. Which was by the numbers massage with no attempt at round 2. We tried to talk but language made it a pretty difficult experience. So much so I wanted to leave early, but she wouldn't let me, which was disappointing as it was pretty boring being naked, unable to do anything more and unable to communicate further. She did try a limp HJ towards the end to fill in time which made me smile more than anything else. A final ok to reception, shower, dry and pay 560 RMB and on my way.

    Things I liked about Sacrosa. The girl was cute, pleasant and gave a decent service if only for 30 minutes. The facilities are ok. There is someone who speaks English. It's cheap. And when I wanted a taxi to my next spot, the English speaker took me to the road and hailed a cab for me and explained to the (useless) driver where to go.

    Things I didn't like. More a general comment about Shanghai mongering. A lack of Chinese speaking ability on my part or even broken English on their part makes it nigh impossible to really get what the monger wants. I can understand why the guys on the board pay more for girls at Manhattan with all its risk because the level of English will be higher. But that's a minor quibble as 70 mins cost me around $100 USD which is cheap enough. And I enjoyed myself.

    All up, although the desire was there to do more. Visit Pattaya or 1066 or Judy's, I left Shanghai satisfied that I'd seen enough of the Shanghai Sauna scene to not bother with those on this trip.

    I will say one thing. Chinese local women are pretty damn cute if you have yellow fever and I reckon most men who don't have yellow fever before will have it in Shanghai at some stage. They dress so well. Anyway, I met a few local non-P4P women. One works at a bank and another in HR (met her in the hot tub of the hotel pool) to think I have some interesting leads to chase up next time. Both spoke excellent English and seem intrigued by foreigners (or perhaps their wallets, LOL).

    In summary, I reckon the P4P sauna scene is great if you speak the local language, but for me, chasing local non-pros was much more fun.
    Sacrosa Club sauna Date of visit: June 2013 Location: English: Hua Shen Building, 5F, 1085 Pudong South Road, Pudong, Shanghai Chinese: 上海浦东新区浦东南路1085号华申大厦5层 Name / Number: 386 Hometown: [did not ask] Sex Appeal: 3/5 Face: 4/5 Body: 4/5 (small build) Age of the girl: Young Skill: 4/5 Service: 3/5 Repeat: Too many other choices exist to try. Room: Room with bed, good quality. NO shower in room. Damage: 580 RMB X1 Shot This place is very easy to find -- its right behind the Marriott Executive Apartments and a 2 minute walk from Shangcheng Rd subway station. I went in on a weekday around 3pm. Typical sauna procedure -- check in at front desk, then shower in shower/sauna area, change clothes, go to waiting area -- but unlike other saunas there are lots of staff to guide you here and there which was helpful in the dark hallways. Waiting area was a private room with two sofachairs, and I waited about 40 minutes -- must be due to small number of WGs so early in the day. Lineup was only 3 girls, about 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 best). Room was clean, with twin size bed and mirror on side wall but NO shower or nuru massage area unlike other FS saunas I have seen in Shanghai (e.g., Bodi, Si Yuan). Service was good albeit mechanical -- spent about half of 70 minute session on thorough cat-licking, followed by flip, bbbj and 1 shot. She was accommodating in different positions and service was good but was definitely not GFE. Would I repeat? Well, many other choices are available there.
    Sacrosa or Sarcosa Sauna Pudong Hi Fellows. Had a good time at Sacrosa. 1025 Pudong S. Road, in Pudong, arrived there around 3:30pm. The place is a bit older than other places. You have to take the elevator up and surely, these two attractive girls must get in with me. The press something like the 12th floor, and exchange knowing glances when I press the 5th floor. I just smiled back at them and winked. They giggled. Out the elevator, into the change room. The boys were attentive, hung up my clothes and helped me undress. Went for shower and a long sauna session. Afterwards I was escorted to the relax room, sat there for a while without turning the TV on. Soon enough, this guys comes and says "Let's go. Please" as if I was in a police station. Any how, the line up was two (2) , Dos, zwei, due girls! Man was I pissed, one of them was a MILF, chubby, too much make up. So I took the other one. Went to the room, and she went to fetch me a drink. My room had no "wet zone" or shower next to it. So I was unable to get the soapy or Nuru. I really love the body to body! Came back with tea and her bag of goodies. I sat there while she arranged her stuff, taking her time, setting the timer for 70 min. Then I smelled it! The girl had this smell coming from her nose which really is annoying. People that have stuffed noses or allergies can get this. She started her lack luster performance and I got annoyed. I wanted a good fuck and not some young chick hesitantly putting my cock in her mouth. She 528, very round face, small tits, tight body, hairy pussy, shaved armpits, normal pussy lips, nice asshole. But not really very special. We communicated using her smart phone and after a while I got bored with her BBBJ. She would take wet tissues, clean my dick for the tenth time, then suck a bit, and then pretend she has some hair in her mouth, spit everything out, clean her mouth and look at me annoyed because I am a hairy guy! Told her to massage my back instead, but this was even worse. So much so, that I got pissed off! Got up on the bed, grabbed her head and shoved my cock in her mouth. Started mouth fucking her much to her displeasure, but she took it and I was not too violent. I am a very gentle person in general. Next, I got her to give me a BBBJ while laying on my back, raised my legs up over her shoulders but she would go as far as my balls and stop again. Turned around, ass up, face down and motioned her to rim my ass. I love it. Good thing my room had a mirror and I was able to see what she was doing. Finally got properly hard, put on the condom and then proceeded to fuck missionary, then doggy, but my knees hurt. So I stepped of the bed and did her doggy style, me standing on the floor, her facing the mirror, knees on the edge of the bed. She moaned, then needed more lube but held on to it pretty well. I tried to penetrate her ass but she would not let me. At this stage, she started to get wet. I was rough with her, spoke to her in English, told her what **** she was and she just grinned at me, loved it and started to perform properly. I grabbed her shoulders while she was doggie and pulled her onto my cock. Then lay on my back, had her ride me, slapped her butt, when she paused to take a breath I just edged her on, slapped her butt some more and she really started to get into it. And so was I. Made her ride me cow girl, reverse cow girl, then back again, then into doggie again, then some sort of cissor, then finally into missionary. I was doing her hard now for 40 min, she was surprised at my stamina and so was I. I had another 10 min on the clock. I was contemplating giving her a facial, or CIM, but then stuck to just fucking her. Put the pillow under her ass, and pounded away. Went at it for another 5-6 minutes full steam until I exploded, sweaty and messy. Guess what, she smiled at me, probably not thinking that I would get so much into her after our initial setting with no connection whatsoever. She cleaned me and herself up, then even hugged me! Called the front desk, confirmed that I had a good time. She escorted me out, gave me a thumbs up and I then went back to the wellness area, where I had another 15 min in the sauna and ensured to be out before 6 pm. Damage Yuan 580. Well, this trip was good for my ego! Usually, I cum too quickly, especially if the girl is hot and I have not been getting it for a while. This was different- I was not into the girl at the beginning, but then face fucking her and banging her hard seemed to do the trick for her (and me)! To find google map: 1085&21495; Pu Dong Nan Lu, Shanghai (5th floor) RTF, yeah for sure. GFE, towards the end. Body 7. Looks 6. Attitude 3 at the beginning, then 7. Conclusion: No matter what place, the chemistry is more important!
    Sacrosa v QQ Following some mixed experiences with a variety of QQ girls. I decided to go back to Sacrosa this week. Because of previous problems (see below) I asked the manager to find me a girl. He asked me if I wanted tall / short fat / thin long hair / short hair. So I told him just find someone who won't object to an old, fat laowei! After a very short wait he introduced me to 557. This was auspicious because my wristband was 57. She is 23, short, quite cute, smallish breasts, big nipples, verdant pubic hair, seemed friendly and can speak a tiny bit of English. Got the routine treatment but no rimming (which I wanted) and little bit brusque. Good BJ but then she wants to start the deed straightaway. I want to DATY but she is reluctant; I find this a bit odd because most WGs seem to like it. Anyway she eventually agrees and then allows me to do it for a long time seemingly enjoying it. The coitus is good. She is tight and can do that contraction thing with her pussy. Problem is I can tell she wants me to come really fast (plus ca change eh) and she figures because I'm old I won't last long. Well she was wrong. We went at it for about 30. 40 minutes (during which time she became a little less enthusiastic) and then I pulled off the condom and asked her to blow me. She got out the timer and told me (in English)"only six minutes left". I came in about one minute but she pulled her mouth away after the first spurt which was frustrating. Afterwards the manager asked me how it was. I told him that I was fairly happy, it was OK but not terrific. He asked me if the girl didn't do all the services and I confirmed that that was the case. He said that next time he would find me someone else. Overall 6. 5/10. (Actually overall I prefer the QQ experience because of the status of the girl; they are usually independent. But QQ mongering is also very hit and miss so I returned to the certainty of the Spa. I had visited Sacrosa maybe six or seven times in the past and while the first two visits were pretty good subsequent ones were disappointing so I had stopped going. I got the feeling that the girls had decided to give a restricted service to the foreigners. Or at least to decrepit individuals like me. And this latest visit reinforced that belief. I will, however, probably go back. It's convenient and at 580RMB off-peak I think it's good value.)
    Hi dear I live in Holiday inn hotel Dong fang lu. Can I walk to your place or take a taxi or sub way. Please help. Thanks.
    Just came from Sacrosa.. Don't speak Chinese at all but people were able to help to direct to girls. Only 6 were left to select but were good (7/10). Had double CIM and massage for 70 min. Cost only 580RMB. Will surely go back to meet #580 ..
    Went here last night . Around 1am . I don't speak a word of Chinese so had no clue what I was in for. A few of the staff spoke a few words of English and were very courteous . Lockers were provided with joint RFID tags for security. I was given a live lineup of around 8 girls , none if which looked very happy to be there, but thought perhaps that's their way . None were 10s , but was ok with me. Once I made my selection, they all had a giggle though. I think they were a little intimidated by my height and concerns that its 'all in proportion' . Had an excellent 90 minutes with my girl. She had a full routine including wetting hand towels, massage gel ( used more up on her than she used on me) . Treat the girl respectfully , and showed her that you are wanting her to have fun too, and you will enjoy your time . All for 676RMB . No negotiation required. (Think she was no.58)
    Place was OK, but I expected more anonymity than the shared changing room and large showers/bath setup could provide. But generally speaking, the process was extremely smooth and almost self-explanatory for a non-Chinese speaking guy. Girls line-up was soso and since I was late they signaled me this is all that we have tonight. I chose #516 out of 8 girls, who was the only one, who cared to look at me and had a nice face and beautiful hair. The BJ experience was awesome, but she refused the 69. which then set the mood for me and I never really recovered from that. In essence, will try again, but different girl.
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