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Sacrosa Club

(Pudong District)
3.0 8
Address: 5F,Hua Shen Tower,No.1085 Pudou Road,  Pudong District (Map)
Phone:   021-5835 2261
Open Hours:   11:00am to 02:00am
DBA in local language:   名殿至尊精英桑拿会所
Category:   Massage Parlor, Sauna
Also Known As:   Grand Elite Sauna
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Sacrosa is the most popular club in the Pudong Area. the girls are beautiful and the service is comparable to the other massage places in Shanghai, but the facility is not so luxury than other places. but for that you pay less. after you take shower, you will have some time in your relaxing room, then you can select the girl and spend the private massage time with her. they also do the "bubble massage. the girl will fill her mouth with hot and cold water, than touch you body with her mouth and start to breath air inside, you will feel the cold and hot water on several places of your body. Price: 580 RMB daytime (leave before 6 pm) 670 RMB nighttime tip: girls start working between 11 and 12 in daytime and will work for 12 to 14 hours, so if you come earlier (we call that early flight ;-)) you will have less tired and more motivated service.

PS: For the time being, this place only offers regular sauna. 
请带我去: 名殿至尊精英桑拿会所. 谢谢!
Please take me to Sacrosa Club. Thank you!
Address: 5F,Hua Shen Tower,No.1085 Pudou Road, Pudong District
Phone: 021-5835 2261
Sacrosa 29th November girl 212 So thanks to advice from the board I went to Sacrosa on a Friday afternoon in Shanghai. Excuse the chronology of the events, but I'm going to detail most things here. I went at about 2:30pm. From the hotel near Nanjing Lu to Sacrosa cost me 48 RMB, pretty expensive because the driver basically had no clue. Perhaps that was by design, don't know, but it was probably 5... Read More
Sacrosa Club sauna Date of visit: June 2013 Location: English: Hua Shen Building, 5F, 1085 Pudong South Road, Pudong, Shanghai Chinese: 上海浦东新区浦东南路1085号华申大厦5层 Name / Number: 386 Hometown: [did not ask] Sex Appeal: 3/5 Face: 4/5 Body: 4/5 (small build) Age of the girl: Young Skill: 4/5 Service: 3/5 Repeat: Too many other choices exist to try. Room: Room with bed,... Read More
Sacrosa or Sarcosa Sauna Pudong Hi Fellows. Had a good time at Sacrosa. 1025 Pudong S. Road, in Pudong, arrived there around 3:30pm. The place is a bit older than other places. You have to take the elevator up and surely, these two attractive girls must get in with me. The press something like the 12th floor, and exchange knowing glances when I press the 5th floor. I just smiled back... Read More
Sacrosa v QQ Following some mixed experiences with a variety of QQ girls. I decided to go back to Sacrosa this week. Because of previous problems (see below) I asked the manager to find me a girl. He asked me if I wanted tall / short fat / thin long hair / short hair. So I told him just find someone who won't object to an old, fat laowei! After a very short wait he introduced me to 557. This... Read More
Hi dear
I live in Holiday inn hotel Dong fang lu.
Can I walk to your place or take a taxi or sub way.
Please help.
Just came from Sacrosa.. Don't speak Chinese at all but people were able to help to direct to girls. Only 6 were left to select but were good (7/10). Had double CIM and massage for 70 min. Cost only 580RMB. Will surely go back to meet #580 .. Read More
Went here last night . Around 1am . I don't speak a word of Chinese so had no clue what I was in for. A few of the staff spoke a few words of English and were very courteous . Lockers were provided with joint RFID tags for security. I was given a live lineup of around 8 girls , none if which looked very happy to be there, but thought perhaps that's their way . None were 10s , but was ok with me. Once... Read More
Place was OK, but I expected more anonymity than the shared changing room and large showers/bath setup could provide. But generally speaking, the process was extremely smooth and almost self-explanatory for a non-Chinese speaking guy. Girls line-up was soso and since I was late they signaled me this is all that we have tonight. I chose #516 out of 8 girls, who was the only one, who cared to look at... Read More
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