Qian Shui Wan Leisure Club (Changshou Road Branch) (Shanghai)

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    Address: 4/F, Century Business Building, 99 Changshou Road
    DBA in local language: 浅水湾(长寿店)
    Open Hours: 11:30-next morning 2:00
    Category: Massage Parlor
    Payment: Cash
    About Me:
    It is one of branches of Qian Shui Wan in Shanghai. Located on the Changshou Road, Qian Shui Wan Leisure Club has elegant environment and a group of beautiful technicians offering HJ, BJ, B2B massage(Service where woman may slide her body on yours using oil), Anal Rimming (Oral stimulation of anus), Body Lick (BL) and ML. Also, it offers man to man massage, if you want, they will help you jack off. Rate: HJ+BJ+BL+Anal Rimming+ ML in total is 480 RMB. <br /> <br /> Package Rate:<br /> Bali Island Package 398 RMB/90 mins (Bargain Price 298 Rmb)<br /> Sakura Package  358 RMB/70 mins (Bargain Price 258 RMB)<br /> Vienna Package 258 RMB/60 mins (Bargain Price 198 RMB)
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