Maomei Club (Shanghai)

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    Address: Qinyi Leisure Square, Handan Road, at the opposite of Fudan University
    Local language address: 杨浦区邯郸路琴宜休闲广场, 复旦大学对面
    DBA in local language: 茂美会所
    Open Hours: 12:00PM-3:00AM
    Category: Massage Parlor
    Foreigner Friendly: Yes
    About Me:
    This massage shop is located in Hnadan road in Yangpu district, there is nice and clean environment that makes male clients feel comfortable, refreshed and secure. There are more than 20 massage technicians in this shop, They offer different kind of special massage services such as BJ( blow job), TY( body slide),MY( body lick, XT( body to body massage), MK(make love), DL(anal rimming), KB( Cum in mouth) and so on, if you book the service before 17:00 o’clock, the price is 780rmb, after 17:00 o’clock, the price is 880rmb.
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