Lotus Sauna  (English Speaking) (Shanghai)

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    Phone: 13681992492
    Address: located at a four star hotel in Jingan District
    Open Hours: 1 pm - 2 am
    Category: Sauna
    Foreigner Friendly: Yes
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
    About Me:
    Lotus Sauna offers excellent service by lotus girls Our luxury private sauna is located at a four star hotel in Jingan District, over 30 extremely beautiful girls for you to choose. We provide a full package of services to relax your body and mind Also included are a sauna bath , rest rooms and complimentary food and drinks. for more information please email or call me Jeff client service manager Lotus Sauna 13681992492(English) lotussaunamassage@gmail.com Our Sauna runs on a booking system Please make a reservation with me in advance for each appointment you require When you arrive, please say Jeff to the receptionist of our sauna
    Jeff speaks excellent English. The appointment is easy to book.  That's what I came for and I left happy.@FlowerHunter - I think Bodi is closed based on another review. Shanghai Hotel is closed, too. I went there.
    Called Jeff up to book for 2 few days ago, was informed that nuru massage was available... when reached there, there were only 5 girls in the tank, 2 were red tag (RMB 980) and 3 were (RMB 880).... only 1 was good looking, which i eventually chose, my friend decided to skip action due to the poor selection of girls... Girl informed that they only had 1 room with inside washroom... service was so-so... not worth the price in my opinion, we will never visit this place again... suggest to go Bodi instead...
    This is regarding my earlier review which I updated here on 2014-03-31. Mr. Jeff at Lotus Sauna can speak very good English and can make the non Chinese Speaking people at home. When I visited Lotus last time Jeff was on leave and I thought that there is no one who understand english here. But that is not the case. Anyway English or no English, it does not make much of a difference as the staff at Lotus is very friendly and they do make all the efforts to make you comfortable and take good care of you... So try it out and have fun...
    I had a overall pleasant experience at Lotus. No english speaking people there so take google translator on your phone. I took a quick bath here and they guided me to the waiting room after giving me a front open T-shirt and a pair of shorts. Waiting room was good. then one lady came there and spoke something to me in Chinese and I took help from google translator. later she took me to the fish tank. there were around 8-10 girls lined up. All were good. I choose one of them who was the tallest and asked her if she is oky to serve me and she agreed happily. Rule #1 Never push the girl to do something she does not want to do. Then she took em to the massage room, which was quite small with 1 section with the water bed and other with the regular bed. No toilet. Rule #2 Always take a leak before getting into any water sport. Then she undressed me and herself... She had a great body. Very beautiful. Then she gave me a bath and asked me to settle on the water bed with my back up. then she mix the nuru gel (some seaweed gel) with water and started rubbing my back with her boobs... that was fun... then she flipped me over and repeated the act on my front and focused at all the right places. I could see everything in the mirrors and it felt real good. after around 20 minutes she asked me to stand up and gave me another bath and then to herself. then she took me to regular bed and gave me a BBBJ... She was very good at it. Later she requested me to Fcuk her and I agreed... she was no doubt amazing. Would give her rating 4 and the placce as 3 because o the rooms. I think they are over priced then Bodi or other places as the service is same, the girls are almost same and the rooms are not that good. Its a Foreigner Friendly place. I would recommend it to friends.
    Defenitely a must go. The spa itself is average. Nothing fancy.

    The location is good in Jing An. Relatively convenient.

    Jeff is very good at arranging the girls.

    The line up is usually 5 to 6 girls at a time. While I would say the girls are not hot, there is something for everyone. Good range.

    There are 4 or 5 girls I have tried and I can recommend, but I think you gentlemen should go for your self. The photos are a accurate photo of what the girls are at Lotus.

    Service is consistent. There are certainly many good places in Shanghai and I think Lotus is one of them. Definitely will keep it in my rotation along with Heting.
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