Leidi Sauna Club (Shanghai)

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    Address: 5/F,Leidi Hotel,No.3065,Caobao Road, Hongqiao Area
    DBA in local language: 雷迪桑拿会所
    Open Hours: PM 13:00 - AM 2:00
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
    About Me:
    Leidi sauna center includes sauna fire bath center and fitness center, it is a large-scale integrated service center. Some people say that this Club is also called Yangxiange International club(养仙阁国际会所) or Bali Sauna Club(巴厘岛桑拿会所), It perfects all supporting facilities, the humanities environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, and there are independent personal locker area, large rest room with reception team, also, it is a leisure entertainment place which based on membership as the main body. This sauna center provides free drinks, fruits, characteristics snacks. The traffic is also convenient, with the external environment of garden and the large free parking space. there are 35-40 massage technicians can serve for you every day, these massage girls are all beautiful and professional, they can provide different type massage you like and there are also many situation room you can choose such as Chinese style rooms, Japanese style rooms, student housing, nurse room, supermarket, capsule, interactive room.<br /> Rate: the average price is about 780rmb, the Nuru massage(水磨shuimo) is 780rmb.80minutes, if you call A’tao manager, you can only pay 680rmb
    Hi HappyChina, thank you for the information. I went to another place along Cao Bao Road. Called 养仙阁桑拿会所.&nbsp;

    Location at: 闵行区漕宝路虹莘路易买得对面
    Damage 1 for normal gals: 680 for 80 min, the men told no limit for shot
    Damage 2 for red plate: 750 for 90 min, 2 shot&nbsp;

    The place is in a "Hotel" which I think had already closed down. Quite discreet, but then, cant run if police come... lol....

    Anyway, I choose tio red plate.... think is A86, didn't wear spec, can see face and body. The gals are all quite young (the batch I got to choose from), maybe 24 max? about 15 gal to choose from.&nbsp;

    The gal (20 yr old from Hu Bei) I choose is very hardworking (very small in size), doing her best to "massage" me. Like her BBBJ, she can just keep going and going.... I guess most of the things are SOP. Btw confirm can do 2 shot but must be within time.&nbsp;

    My first try in Shanghai, but good place to go again. PM me for the OKT's number if you want it. Need to call then can go in. The guy down stair will check whom arrange for your visit before he let you go into the lift.&nbsp;

    Total damage today: 750 + 50 tips for the OKT, need to get him to arrange better one next trip (if I ever come here again)

    Lastly to add on freelance for Shanghai. Found out that, if you want to find them, better get them to show you the taxi recipe just in case they try to add on to the bill. I tired two 19 yr old gal.

    First one is very playful. can neg for 300 RMB + taxi (she didn't bring recipe and ask for 200). Kinda of not worth, but her face and Ne Ne isn't that bad. Need to play a bit with her to warm her up. Dun expect much service thor.&nbsp;

    2nd one, is more mature but like dead log... too young in the service line I guess. but good for uncles like me who are looking for young blood.&nbsp;

    Between the both, first better, but they are nothing compare to the sauna service.&nbsp;

    Too bad, found the place too late, and didn't dare to try at first. Will be flying home, no chance to go again for sometime.

    Anyway, any idea what happens if you get caught in China? The gal tell me normally they will let go foreigner, but I find it hard to believe. So any bros here know what will happened? Also she told me there is a road which has a lot of sauna + KTV which mostly are foreign ppl. And police is almost closing both eye there. Any idea of this?
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