Jun Hao Sauna Club (Shanghai)

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    Address: Longming Lu No. 2131, Building C. 3rd Floor. At the Corner to Caobao Lu
    Local language address: 龙茗路2131号C栋3楼
    Also Known As: Smart Hero Sauna Club/ Smart Hero Girls Sauna
    DBA in local language: 骏豪桑拿俱乐部 / 骏豪会所
    Open Hours: 1 pm to 2 am
    Category: Sauna
    Foreigner Friendly: Yes
    About Me:
    The Jun Hao Sauna Club is not new, but till now they have very less western customers. They have around 60 girls there (most time around 40 in the house, between 20 and 30 for selection), They have 22 rooms, all connected to a soapy area, where you will be entertained with a hot and ****** nuru massage as a "starter". When you come there, they will first guide you to the 3rd Floor, than to the locker room. All the decoration is high level and similar to a 5 Star Hotel. After you changed to the typical sauna clothes (also here the quality is much better than for example in Hai Lang), you will be guided to your relaxing room. Here you can enjoy free drinks and food, before you will be asked to the selection area.
    It was not a great experience but not horrible in this massage place, nothing else.
    It was not very nice compared to Tang Dynasty but better than Ba the Yi I thought, there were only 7-8 girls and most were not my type at all, I like the hot sexy girl, but I didn’t see, so I had to choose a relatively cute girl, she did a decent BBBJ for me, I liked her service attitude, very warm and friendly.
    Brethren. I've called at this club three times, following the below tip. As it is a little off the beaten track for foreginers, you are quite a novelty when you show up. Recently I had a slim young thing, being virtually insatiable, going well above and beyond what is normally offered in her trade. This is not the exception in Jun Hao, making it highly recommendable. Cheers, Kraut
    SHANGHAI - Sauna - Jun Hao Bear with me all, it's gonna be another long one! Had the flu for the past week, so wasn't able to go out punting. Finally better, sooooooo... Jun Hao Sauna (骏豪) Address: 2131 Long Ming Road, Building C, 3rd Floor (Cross Street Cao Bao Road) 龙茗路2131号C栋3楼 (靠漕宝路) Date of Visit: 05/08/2011; around 2pm Price: 780 (First Time) 680 (subsequent visit, pre-6pm and with membership card) 700 (subsequent visit, post-6pm and with membership card) This place is somewhat easy to find, just a bit far from the city center. Once you get to the intersection of Long Ming Road and Cao Bao Road, look for a large building that houses the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank on the 1st floor, as well as a Little Lamb Hotpot restaurant on the 2nd Floor. If you're standing outside, the main entrance to the building is in the middle that leads to the bank, while there are also entrances on the right hand side (that leads to the restaurant) and left hand side (which is where you want to go). Enter the left hand entrance, then take the elevator to the 3rd floor. ---- (Just a little background of how I found this place, you can skip past the dashed section if you just want to get to the actual report.) Early in either Feb/March of 2010, I visited Hai Lang and selected someone who was from the Korean peninsula area of China (she definitely looked Korean, and ever since watching My Sassy Girl, I have a HUGE fetish for K-Girls). Her service was decent, nothing too spectacular, and after that session I actually stopped visiting Hai Lang and frequented Bodi instead. Then sometime in Aug/Sept during a Bodi visit, I selected this one girl who also looked Korean. Once we got to the room, she asked why I didn't select her number at the counter and instead went to the line-up. I told her she must be mistaken, b/c I thought I had never seen her before in my life and definitely never selected her at Bodi. She disagreed, and said she thought she serviced me before at Bodi. The gears in my brain started working overtime, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought I had seen her somewhere before... During the soapy, I asked her how long she had been at Bodi, and where she worked before. She said she used to work at Hai Lang, and finally everything clicked for both of us. Found it pretty funny, and we ended up having a pretty decent session. I ended up selecting her almost every time we were at Bodi. There was even a day where I brought some visiting friends to Bodi at around 1:30pm and selected her. After the session, spent the rest of the day and night drinking, and headed back to Bodi at around 10pm. When she saw me during the line-up, she actually excused herself and walked to the back (I actually didn't see this happen). I was pretty drunk, and so I forgot to select her at the counter, and instead tried to look for her in the line-up. Since I didn't see her, I asked the manager (rather loudly since I was wasted) where she was, and all the ladies in the line-up said she went to the back and started giggling. Anyway, I did end up selecting her, and asked why she walked to the back when she saw me in the line-up room. She said she thought I wanted to select someone else, and thought that if she was in the line-up, I might feel forced to pick her and wouldn't pick anyone else! Anyway, over the next few months, we kept in contact and I always selected her at Bodi. She'd usually only allow for LFK, but we always had a great GFE even without DFK/DATY/anything else. She gave me her QQ and cell number, and we'd constantly keep in contact (she actually offered to spend a few nights with me at no cost, but I had a SO at the time who stayed over most nights, so couldn't take advantage of that). Then in December, I had to go back to the States for some business that I thought would only take a month at the most, and told her I'd be back by Chinese New Year and would contact her then, or would send her messages on QQ. Anyway, my State-side business took longer than expected, and I didn't get back until around March. I did try to send her a few (actually, I think it was twice) when I saw her on, but never got a response. When I tried to call her, there was no response, and I didn't see her on QQ either. Figured she moved/disappeared, and that was the end of that. Until about a week ago. I actually didn't notice that she was on QQ, until she sent me a message asking if I still remember her. I told her of course I did, and said I even tried calling her but never got an answer. She ended up going back home for the New Year and stayed there for a few months, losing her phone (and my number) in the process. Anyway, she got back to Shanghai around March, and told me she was working at a new Sauna. Asked her the name, and said I'd definitely visit. And that brings us to the Jun Hao report: ---- 31: Face: 8 Body: 6.5 (small boobs, a little baby fat, a bit short) Service: 10 Attitude: 10 - a quick note, YMMV with her. This girl is definitely pretty bitchy if you're not on her good side (luckily I am, haha). In the past at Bodi (and she told me at this new place as well) she gets quite a bit of complaints and fines, because she WON'T do AR, doesn't like to service foreigners or people who have had too much to drink among other things. Her body isn't really all that great either, but there's just something about her that clicks with me. When I got to the entrance of Jun Hao, the directions she gave me were actually to the back entrance of the sauna. The door was locked, and I ended up calling her and she had someone come open the door for me (I was really paranoid at this time, b/c the back entrance... just had a few bikes and lockers outside the door. There was a sign saying it was closed, and the door was locked with a keypad. Prior to coming here, I had tried to do some research on this place, and couldn't find anything on it. I was really afraid that it was some kind of scam, and I was being led into a backroom where I'd get robbed). Luckily, none of that happened. A young guy (who turned out to be the manager on duty) came and opened the door for me and led me to the changing area. An attendant came and brought clothes, and stood by to hang up my clothes. What really struck me was how happy the attendants seemed; attentive, but not looking at your junk or lurking near you. In comparison, at Hai Lang, the attendants do seem to be more lurkers, while at Bodi, it took quite a few visits before the attendants would stand next to me and help hang up clothes and stuff. At Jun Hao, although it was my first time, it just felt comfortable. They do have showers below, but the attendant brought the robes with him anyway and after changing, I headed to the rest area. Got my own room with 2 recliners, and attendant asked what I wanted to drink. Ordered a coke, and it was brought in a can with a straw, and COLD! Haha, I know this doesn't seem like much, but 1) most saunas use those liter bottles, not a can and 2)on a 32 C day like today, getting a cold drink is pretty awesome, without even asking for it. Sat for a few minutes with my coke, and was then called and told my girl was waiting for me in the selection area. Attendant led me to a wall where he swiped a card, and the wall opened up to the selection area. I didn't get to see a line-up, but there was a stage (no fishbowl). The stage and room looked like it was straight out of Saturday Night Fever (more on this later). Finally saw my girl and she let me up to the room area. I actually really liked the rooms. The one she led me to was completely mirrored, ceiling and walls. Not just a small portion like some other saunas, so you could see the action all around. The shower area was nice too (no 'shower bed', they use an air mattress for the soapy). Anyway, we get to the room and she preps the shower area and bed. Helps me strip, then we go to the mattress for the soapy. Again, nothing really fantastic with the soapy, although she did start giving me a BBBJ during it which is always nice. She actually stopped in the middle and said my LB got fatter, as she can't really wrap her mouth around it like in the past. Had a rinse and then headed to the bed (she did the catbath on the air mattress as well). She starts on the BBBJ, and its pretty decent, and she gets really into it. She also really likes looking at herself while blowing me (she used to do that as well). She then brings out the condom, puts it on, and starts going CG on me. Then we go into a sitting position for a while, and finally finish off in mish. Now as soon as I cum, she immediately pushes me out. I wasn't sure what was going on, and thought maybe it had hurt or something, but then she takes off the condom, does a quick wipedown, and starts giving me another BBBJ. Awesome. Hahaha. Anyway, she completely drained me. Usually I should be good for a second round or HJ, but my LB just took a nap. Spend the rest of the time cuddled up and chatting a lot. I asked her a little about the sauna since it was my first time there. They have about 30-40 WG's there, and their business is good. The owner doesn't want too much publicity, so while it still does get busy, it doesn't get crazy busy like Bodi. I ask her about the lit-up stage, and she says when they do the line-up, they actually do a catwalk thing as well, and that we can watch on the tv in the room! We end up putting on the 'line-up' channel, so I can see how the line-up is. As with all other saunas, there are lookers and...not-so-good lookers. It seems they actually have some pretty tall girls there, and she mentions that a lot of them are from the Dongbei region of China which might explain it. She finally gets the call from downstairs and we look at the time.... turns out our session went 2 hours!!!! We quickly rinse off and she leads me back downstairs. I head to the changing area where the friendly attendant greets me again. Now saunas will usually polish your shoes if they're dress shoes and you ask them to. Since its Sunday, I had on my 8 months old white adidas, only they weren't so white anymore. The attendant brings out my sneakers, and says he noticed they were a little dirty (he was being nice, they were filthy) so he cleaned it off a bit for me. I look down, and they're SPARKLING white. Hahaha. I was seriously so impressed. Even the laces were whiter. Gave him a 50RMB tip, then headed out to settle the bill. The cashier (even this lady cashier seemed genuinely happy) told me 780, and that with the 780, I get a membership card (in the future, going before 6pm gives a 100RMB discount, if I go after 6pm, its an 80RMB discount). Also on this card are 10 boxes with a stamp in the first box. I'm sure you guessed it by now, but she told me that after 10 visits, the next visit is FREE! Man, after hearing this I had to laugh (images of subway). This visit seriously made my day, and what a way to finish off the flu! I'm smiling even now, and my LB is still asleep. I'll definitely be repeating visits here. I'm pretty dumb, and forgot to take pictures of the room! Will do that next time. Biz card attached.
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