Jinhui Sauna Club (Shanghai)

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    Address: F/7, Okla Bldg, No.1366, Wuzhong Road
    Local language address: 上海闵行区吴中路1366号
    DBA in local language: 锦汇桑拿会所
    Open Hours: PM13:00-AM2:00
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
    Foreigner Friendly: Yes
    About Me:
    Jinhui sauna clubs in located on the 1366 Wuzhong Road in Minhang district, The geographical position is superior, it has been decorated with business style, the facilities are all new. The hall is magnificent, lights are bright. The bathroom is bigger than any other places, it is the best place to entertain clients, wash bath with cleaning products are all brand. Room can accommodate up to many people, the TV and air conditioning hung on the wall with oversized mirror make people enjoy the visual impact, you can enjoy more colourful dance at the same time bring you a visual impact. There are security guards at the gate and the parking is free, there is also private parking place for the clients. this sauna clun has free WIFI to use, during the rest time, all the drinks are free. The way of Xuanfei is face to face. The club is very strict for security requirement, the key part of their work is "timely reporting" Rate: Nuru massage(水磨,Shuimo) is 780rmb/90 minutes, if you call Xiaofei Manager, you can enjoy the preferential price 680 yuan / 90 minutes Special rate: From 12:30-19:00, the price is 600/90 minutes
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