Jing Ting Health Hall (Shanghai)

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    Address: 2F, No.412 Changping Road
    DBA in local language: 静庭养身馆
    Category: Massage Parlor
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    Featuring Southeast Asian style decorations, classic designs, well experienced therapists and stable customers, the Jing Ting Health Hall provides first-class services. Treatments provided in the elegant venue include full body shiatsu massage, foot massage, oil massage and other healthcare treatments. All products of Essential-Oil Series are imported from Britain. With the Buddha statue accompanied by the soft music, guest can relax their body and soul easily. If you are at the corner of Shaanxi North and Changping Lu go to the north west corner and walk west down Changping Lu 30 meters. There is a small strip mall there. If you stand and look at the Jing An Tax collection office then just on your right is the only massage parlor there. It has a big Chinese sign with a smaller less prominent English word MASSAGE under that. You WILL NOT SEE A BUDA STATUE. Go inside and upstairs and you will see a Buda statue. They have a very polite and helpful attendant. From Five Aces - ISG

    Service and rate: 338 RMB for BJ and 278RMB for HJ
    This massage place was very nice, I went there last week, the girl I had was nice, her massage was also comfortable, her BJ was professional and the price was reasonable, Massage + BJ was 320rmb, nice experience!
    Went there and NO.1 gave me an awesome session. She was a hot pretty girl, we started with normal massage, and then began licking my body, I had to say she was so crazy, and it was the most memorable GFE ever. Moved to offer me BJ which was quite nice, I responded by fingering her, and finally she cum on my face. Payed 235 in total, and was very reasonable.
    Felt bored at hotel so went outside and tried Jing Ting. Perhaps my luck was bad and the service of my gal named Xiao Yue was not satisfying. She gave me the HJ and BJ but I must say her skill was not great. will not repeat. 
    Went to that Buddha massage place Off changping Lu x north Shaanxi lu. Anywho I read on here that a massage with BJ is 300 and the normal massage here alone is 300 apperently. Was I supposed to haggle the price set by the laoban? Any who massage was good but a little short 30 min with (special massage) after of covered BJ 10min block of time (my choice for cover she was all for uncovered LOL) she wanted 200 I gave her 100 tip. But in the beginning when I asked price she said 300 and figured that was with tip. Oh her# is 22 Paid 400 total oh well. I would deff go back if someone that. Normally goes her tells me what I did wrong LOL.
    New amazing girl in Buddha place A quick one I just tried: number 6 in the buddha place (north west on changping lu, shanxibei lu).21yo, short, small tits, amazing BJ, all you can touch.
    Dear Sir/Madam Do you offer full service massage and if yes is it incall or outcall and what is the rate. Thanks.
    Buddha Place Went tonight to the Buddha massage place on Changping Road. Not that great selection, asked for the famous number 5 but seems she was not there tonight. Ill go back. Anyway. Choose girl 3 from Sichuan. Small body and nice tits. Great attitude. But massage was so so. For less than 20 minutes. Than immediately BJ. No ice & fire, no Jelly thing. BJ was quite good with COB but nothing special. Damage was 298rmb. At the check out they try to sell you the VIP card. Maybe I choose not the best one anyway I'll give a try again in the next days.
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