Jin Tao Leisure Club(Hongmei Road) (Shanghai)

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    Address: No.7 Building, No.3920, Hongmei Road
    DBA in local language: 金涛休闲保健(虹梅路店)
    Open Hours: 10:00-22:00
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
    About Me:
    This Club is with the hotel decoration, it is high but not expensive, luxury and warm, the atmospheric tiancheng and elegant demeanor in this club make people feel very relaxing. Thi sis really a cost-effective ultra-high business leisure clubs in Shanghai. On the first floor there is a special seat for the guest waiting for rest. Room is decorate with the concise style, each room is equipped with bathroom, all technicians are highly trained with first-class technology.<br /> The Rate: health care massage is 198rmb, B2B(woman slides her breasts on your body using oil)/BL(Body Lick) is 328rmb, CIM(Cum in Mouth) is 348/80minutes, Doubles(A threesome with two girls and you) is 348rmb/80 minutes.
    I gave this a try. The place was remodeled about a half a year ago (or more), but I wasn't impressed. Some guy took me up some three flights of stairs into a back room that was hot as an sauna (but it was merely a massage room with a small shower). The semi-tall Chinese girl who came in was a 7 in looks and body. If she had taken off her clothes, I would've given her an 8. However, that wouldn't happen. She managed to turned on the air conditioner. The massage was okay but she only offered a handjob...nothing else even when I offered to give her a "tip": BL, CIM, BBBJ...nada. It's highly unlikely I'll go back there unless I hear from others that the service has improved.
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