Jin Shui Healthcare Club(Dingxi Road Branch) (Shanghai)

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    Address: 4th floor, Xinmao Commercial Building, NO.131 Dingxi Road(close to Paris Spring)
    DBA in local language: 金水养生会馆(定西路店)
    Open Hours: 10:30--02:00
    Category: Massage Parlor, Beauty Spa
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    Lying near to the Penta Hotel Shangahi, Jin Shui Healthcare Club is a healthcare agency chain in Shanghai,and this branch located in Dingxi Road. The whole fourth floor is the healthcare center. The environment is quiet and secluded. All of the employees are very warm and the technicians are professional. Applying fresh ginger on legs is very famous and comfortable. And fruits and tea are free. Group purchase will make the price much more reasonable.
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