Hong Song Club (Shanghai)

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    Address: At the Forth Floor,No.1116,Hongsong East Road
    Also Known As: HongSong Hot Spring Clubhouses
    DBA in local language: 红松会所/紅松
    Open Hours: 8:00-0:00
    Category: Sauna
    Foreigner Friendly: Yes
    About Me:
    It is not the cheapest sauna in Shanghai, even it is a little expensive for most people, but the service in this shop is very nice and the massage technique is also very professional. this is a high-end club house and its decoration is very delicate and clean, you will get a better selection and the girls are also a level up to cheaper sauna locations. You can get the "normal" sauna programm here (Sauna Service), but also a nuru (or soapy) massage in the soapy room.<br /> <br /> Price: 1080 RMB for full service massage
    I know others have enjoyed this place but not me. I have been looking for somewhere with real Nuru massage, using the Japanese tasteless gel with all that goes with it. In other words, a mixture between cat bath and soapy, with the girl sliding, licking and sucking. Plenty of places in Shanghai are rumoured to have nuru massage but so far I have only found soapies.

    Well, Hongsong was another disappointment, and not just because they don't do Nuru. The first bad sign was just after I selected the girl (#809) from a large range in the fishbowl. The manager told me that there would be no guarantee of FS and the girl may just give me a HJ. Because of the unreasonable size of foreign dicks, of course. And that it was up to the girl to decide. Well, I wasn't happy with this but given the positive reports of the place, I thought I'd go ahead anyway and see how things turned out. Next, while waiting for 40 minutes for a room (and this is at 3pm) my chosen girl was completely uncommunicative. I tried starting a conversation (in Chinese) several times but she just wouldn't respond or even look at me. Eventually, I suggested that maybe she wasn't happy to be giving me a massage and that if so, I would ask to change girl, but no, she said, that was not allowed here, and if I quite at this stage, I'd still have to pay the full amount. OK, so on to the room. I explained that I wanted the nuru massage and a long conversation ensued, eventually involving the manager. Since I still don't know the right way to translate this term into Chinese, I just described it in the way I did at the beginning of this report. ("Shui mo" is just too general a term and seems to designate soapies primarily.) Anyway, it was understood that I didn't want the soap and so in the end she used a kind of gel. The same kind that is used as a tasteless lubricant for sex. This was ok except that she only had a tiny bottle and had absolutely no clue about how to give a massage. It lasted about 5 mins. Probably less. Next the cat bath and BBBJ, which was amateurish at best. Minimal licking, no AR and much too fast a BJ, totally lacking in eroticism. Then sex in a restricted range of positions, eventually leading to withdrawal and instances that she jerk me off instead. This is 40 minutes into the session including the time spent talking about nuru. Here the sessions are only 50 minutes for a wacking 980 RMB. I told her not to bother and called the manager to ask for another girl. Of course, I would have to pay another 980 rmb, but I figured that I must have just had bad luck. After all the place is hugely popular. This time, I asked the manager explicitly to recommend a girl that would give good service. He suggested #65, a taller girl from dongbei who looked more experienced. Well, it wasn't much better. She used some sort of gel but again very little of it and only in the same way that soap is used. This time there was a bit of AR and the BJ was better. Wanting to get my money's worth, I decided I'd go for 2 shots, which is permitted here. So I came with the BJ although she didn't allow CIM so it was more of a HJ with mouth action. After that she was clearly wanting to avoid the actual intercourse part. I insisted and she "allowed" me to fuck her but again in a very restricted way, complaining when I wanted to change position.

    So, IMO, this place is way over-priced for what it is. Yes you get a massage, but it is done without skill or enthusiasm. Aside from that you can't expect more service than from a BBS girl. Yet the place is crowded. Guys are queuing up to get a piece of the action here. I suppose that is just because of the large number of girls and their above-average good looks. Well, to be more accurate, the average appearance is higher her than most other places and there are also more girls, but I wouldn't say that the prettiest girls here are better than those at other places, and since you have to compete with other guys your chances of getting a girl who is both good-looking, warm and not sexually dead is reduced.

    One final let down. After this sexual waste of time, I decided to check out the other facilities. It is a bathhouse, after all, and I'd read about good facilities, food, etc. Well, the place is so geared to processing hundreds of guys a day for their 980 rmb 50-minute quickies that it was hard to convince the attendants that yes I really wanted a sauna not a sauna-as-a-euphemism-for-sex. When I finally got there, the facilities were not bad, but since no one had been using the sauna, it was only luke warm. I didn't spend much time there, showered again, and dressed for the relaxation area. The attendant handing me the pajama shorts inside-out. To give credit, another attendant noticed this and turned them around for me. In the (very small) relaxation area there were a number of girls offering ear cleaning and various forms of massage. Originally, I had thought to round out my afternoon of luxury with one of these, but after spending so much on the sex, I decided against it, opting instead for a bowl of noodles. This came, after ten minutes or so, obviously microwaved, with burning hot noodles and a cold, pre-fried pork cutlet on top. Really disgusting. I barely touched it and left.

    Damage: 1960 rmb. Would I go back: no way.

    One of the girls I had turned out to be, let's just say, very very young. Most of them average about 20-23. Trust me. Don't waste your time on other saunas. This one has the better facility, and prettier and more robust pickings. Well worth the slightly higher price.
    When you enter, you will be asked your membership number. Tell them 65601, and the passcode is 1224. They were graciously provided by a nice Samster on this forum. Or, you can buy your own which costs 100rmb.

    They have over 25-30 girls in the fish bowl at all time. And I found that the quality was way better than all the other saunas I had visited, at least, younger, the way I like it.

    I gave up trying other saunas and visited this place three times. It is two years old, and the facility is almost as grand as saunas in Macock. The service is top notch as well.

    It is 980rmb, about 100-200 above other saunas in SH, but well worth it.

    he then asked /in Chinese if I wanted another girl, that way you get a room ahead of the others waiting for a room.I said sure, went back and picked her friend, breasts were C to D, but I figured I could handle them...went to the room, got naked and laid on the spa /wash table and had them wash all parts, then on the chair and they got all my bottom parts...I got on the bed with them both, after they showered,the action started with both giving my BBBJ and lots of lips all over, hot water BBBJ, spicy BBBJ, then had one sit on my face for DATY while the&nbsp;other worked on my BBBJ alone...feeling good....
    Gaist Asia
    I got my first sauna experience some days ago. Had been invited by a business partner to Hongsong near the Hilton hotel in Hongqiao. We arrived there on a weekday at about 8:30 pm. It was very crowded that we had to wait about 20 minutes before we get to the fishbowl. But the choice of girls was amazing. At least 30 to 40 girls of best looks. Choose 883 and headed for the area to wait for a room. During the waiting my friend talked me into taking a 2nd girl. Why not? I let the girl choose with the hope of having a bit of girl-on-girl action. Reading previous posts this is very rare anyways, so I thought this might be at least the best chance. I paid of a bit. But it was definitely not the interaction we all dream of. Service was overall okay. But there are few things that bothered me. The girls rushed extremely as it was the busiest time and wanted to finish as soon as possible. I left the room after 50 minutes only. But okay. More irritating is the permanent cleaning of my little bro when the girls switched during BBBJ. This has been the main mood killer. Anyways I will return again but stick to one girl only.

    Rates are 980 for "60" minutes. And 500 for the 2nd girl. Rooms are very clean with wet and dry area.
    Finally managed to make a trip to Shanghai after a long time and visited 元一 in 虹桥 area.

    Very expensive but the selection was very good. However the place was so packed that after choosing have to wait for 20 min for the room. A bit pai seh for us Sillyporean waiting in the holding area with at least 10 "couples".

    My choice was #52 from ???
    Looks pretty but a bit meaty side which I like.
    Service is very SOP but ok, what else do you want in a place like this?

    Anyway if you don't mind waiting and want a wide selection, this place is good if you ok to pay a bit more (980 RMB).

    For me I usually go to anywhere nearby where I stay. Maybe next time will try 999 haven't been there for years.
    Was in Shanghai and went to try out the sauna beside Hilton in Hongqiao. Went around 1am. Location was easy enough to find, just tell the driver to DROP you at the Hilton along Hongsong East Road (上海市闵行区红松东路1116号). No need to turn into the hotel, just DROP by the road, and you will see a sign saying Asia Club (亚洲会) in the annex building and Hongsong Suana is on the 4th floor. When I got up, they asked for membership whcih I did not have, so paid RMB100 for membership. If any bro needs, can quote my membership number 0065601, password 1224, can save RMB100. Went straight in to fishtank, surpisingly, there were around 30 girls, the fish tank was packed. To shy brothers, the glass is not one way, so have fun being oogled by the girls too, haha. Picked number 58, a short pretty girl from Heilongjiang, busty. The routine is the same, only that she keep trying to push for me to go for shuang-fei. Did not go for it but had a great session with her. She keeps talking dirty throughout the session, which could be a turn on (of off) for some brothers. Anyway, great session, paid 980 (I think, too drunk to remember).
    Not a special reason, only Hong Song is one of the most expensive Sauna Clubs in Shanghai. Not only they charge 980, they also offer only 60 minutes, while other Sauna Clubs will provide 70, 80 or 90 minutes for a Rate starting with 590. At the moment you will also find good sauna clubs for 700 RMB. But Hong Song is first famous, so need for them to offer a better rate, second they have very high level facility and the most important point, they provide the biggest selection of girls in town. A normal line up will provide at least 25 to 30 girls, other clubs will only offer 5 to 20 girls for your choice.
    Fun with professor at HS Sauna Shanghai Found this little gem at HS Sauna, the newest addition to the Bodi/Cypress/999 chain. Hong Song 地址: 上海市红松东路1116号 (元一希尔顿酒店1楼4F) Hong Song Road 1116 @ Hong Xu Road (Yuanyi Building, next to Hilton Hotel, 4F) Tel:021 64012996 980rmb More details about the joint can be found in the below thread: http://forum.sex141.com/eforum/v ... 56&highlighths Onto the girl. She's busty and dressed like a dancer from a JLo MTV. Very much the type of girl I would see in a club whom I just can't wait to ****** the brains out of. The start of the session was quite standard. Waterbed, soapy, little teasing etc. She was quite conversational and do so in a non self-centered way unlike some other sauna girls. We then move on to the bed and this is where it got interesting. She asked me if I would like her to put on one of the costumes and from the list, I picked "secretary". As soon as she was done putting on this tightly fitted white shirt which fully highlighted her now braless chest, to my surprise, she started to really get into her role. As she slowly massage LB, she started to moan complaining how she was abused by the interviewer in order to get this job. How he grabbed her breasts despite her refusal, and then stuck his fingers in her undies saying:"Everyone does this in order to get the job!" She then proceeded to a BBBJ and continued her story. When she was ******ed from behind, she noticed this pervert spying on the whole session from an adjacent office. Later, as she left the building, this same pervert followed her and forced her in this small alley where she was again forced into sex. My Chinese is not fluent so I was not able to understand everything she said, but at his point, LB was no longer interested in listening to stories. We started our own ******ing. Multiple positions and making full use of all the mirrors in the room. As I was about to explode, I wanted to slow down just a tad to extend the fun but she started to moaning harder and started to pullmy body deeper into her. I tried harder to resist but LB could not hold it anymore... YMMV, but this one did it for me. I wonder what tricks she will pull next but I need to improve my Chinese. The specifics Number: 815 (instructor or one of) Home state: Fuzian Height: 5'3" Weight: 95lbs Measurement: 34C (enhanced) Face: 8.5/10 Body: 9/10 (If you are into the sultry type) Service: 9.5/10 Attitude: 9.5/10 Damage: 980RMB for 70 min Repeat: Hell yes. TIP: If you go there during the rush hour 8:00pm-1:00am, you can somewhat bypass the line if you book a girl either by phone (20 minute before arrival) or at the front desk. Otherwise, I have waited 45 minutes to see the fish bowl (50-70 packed girls) and another 25 minutes for a room. What's worse, after you picked the girl, you are waiting in the hallway alongside 20other punters. Definitely not cool.
    Hong Song Thumbs Up Did a turn at the Hong Song out by the Hilton Hongqiao. Was there at 4pm, waited for approx 45 seconds before being ushered to the fishbowl. Quite a site! Must have been 25-30. Best I've ever seen. Number 870 was there, number 21 was there. I was about to go with number 100 when I noticed perfect face number 897. I'm a sucker for the perfect face and this Chongqing spinner has that. Before you get too excited though-she's short and petite and the boobs are small. If you are a body guy, go with 870 or 100. As I said though, I am a sucker for a face. Also I realized that any chick in any lineup who is sitting down is most likely going to be on the short side. Anyway, the young lass did a fine job especially for a 21 yr old who only recently started in the profession. After the wash down, BBBJCIM to kick things off. Then the massage. Then some mish. Then more BBBJ to another CIM. She's patience slow and sweet. We chatted. I asked her how much she made a month. 40, 000-50, 000RMB a month. Wow. Anyone else amazed by this? She plans to do it for a year then retire. Time was up pretty quick and off I went. A well spent 980. It was excellent experience, but honestly I can do without the soapy. But it seems like all the real high end places have them though. If anyone has any suggestions for sauna that has an equal lineup without the soapy, I'd love to hear it.
    Jude Bright
    Hong song Arrived at Pudong airport at about 10 pm on Monday. Went through the custom like a breathe and got on the taxi at about 10:30. The ride from the airport to my hotel took about 45 minutes and cost 180. Checked in the hotel, next door to the Hilton Hongqiao, quick walked to the Hong Song club, on the other end of the same block and went upstairs, the 4th floor. Greeted by a guy and was told the waiting time is about one hour. You have to buy the membership card, cost 100 and get. I thought I could use the waiting time to have a nice bath, sauna, socked in the hot pool and had a body scrub by a guy. Went to the waiting area and relax, had wanton and tongyuan and ordered a few drinks. I was there for another hour and by the time I was show the fishbowls, it was 1 am in the morning. I choose a girl from Harbin. 20 year old spinner. We, along with may be another 10 pairs have to wait in the corridor for the room to be available. Because they have only 40 rooms and there are some many mongers. I was told the double flyers have the priority to get the room. After waiting there for about 10 minutes, I decided to get a double flyer for additional 500. We got a room soon after the other girl arrived. Off went to the room, went through the routine, through washed by the two girls and have massage, ice and fire, cat bath, BBBJ, and rim. Then, cover up and did the deed. In summary: Try to go early. Expect to wait for long time, even on Monday. No need to take a bath before choose the girl, they will wash you in the room. You can order food for free, not the drink, the drink is 10 per cup. The service is good for 60 minutes. Enjoy. JB
    Red Rider
    I was in Shanghai last week and decided to see what I could find for entertainment. My last trip to Shanghai included a trip to Bodi, but like others, I was disappointed. I usually stay at the Riverview Hotel which used to be a fairly good service location. I had not heard any reviews on the Riverview lately so I decided to check that out. I went to the sauna and asked about services. They said a massage was 216 RMB. I knew that was too low for what I was looking for so I thanked them and left. One of the guys followed me to the elevator and said that I could get a massage with a hand job in my room for 600 RMB. I laughed at his little joke and left. My next venture out was to try the Hong Song Sauna that I had heard about here. Now there has been some misinformation here on the forum as to the location of the Hong Song. I had read that you go around behind the Hilton and enter the building back there. That is not the case – I tried. Then I have read that the sauna is on the 4th floor of the Hilton Hotel. That is not true, either. When you are standing in front of the Hilton Hongqiao Hotel, there are buildings on either side of it that are set out to the street. The Hilton is set back from the street with a wide drive between those two outer buildings. The building you want is to the left of that driveway. The building is marked: YuanYi Shanghai Hongqiao. It appears that this was formerly the Hilton before it moved into the larger building. Just walk through the front entrance and the elevators are on your right. Go up to the fourth floor and you are in heaven! A person will greet you and show you the price – to make sure you didn't stumble into the wrong place. Then you are directed down one corridor and another until you end up – at the fishbowl. I was there at 2:00 pm and the fishbowl was full with about 40 girls. Top quality girls, better than I had seen at Bodi. I picked a nice petite girl (20ish with a beautiful face and typical Chinese figure for a 20 year old) who was called to come out. She took my arm and we walked to the room. Each room has a shower, so she did all the work of undressing us and then showering us. Then on to the action. The facilities are top-notch and she had been trained to provide top service. The fee was 980 – expensive, but I felt worth the cost. There was no locker room, no goofy shorts and no guys standing around to dry you off. You just went right to the room with the girl. The taxi fare from the Bund was 70 RMB, and it is about 15Km. I had looked at getting there by metro, but it is quite a ways and you would really have to know Chinese characters to find your way to the Hilton.
    Background: Cannon-balling back into saunas after my little break Heard about this sauna ever since it opened. It's owned and operated by the same people as Bodi/Si Yuan/XYP etc. Unlike those saunas, pricing here is 100 RMB more, at 980 RMB (similar to their other sauna in Hongqiao as well). The reason for the price difference? This place is supposed to have top quality girls. Needless to say, I've put off visiting this sauna for too long. Got my Bodi buddies to accompany me to try out this place today. Additionally, bro SHLW reported a few months ago as well, located here. Location: Located at 1116 Hong Song East Road, in between Hongxu Road and Gubei Road. It's adjacent to the Hilton Hotel, on the left (I'm not sure if the hotel has an actual direct entrance to this sauna though). The building itself has a few restaurants on the 1st and 2nd floor, and then the sauna is on the 4th floor (also in the lobby of the building is a little podium with an attendant from the sauna standing there). See below for the Yuanyi Building. Facilities: Having only been opened at the beginning of the year, everything is still pretty sparkling new. It's appearance is pretty..... regal looking is the word I'm looking for I think. Standard locker room wet area, although much like Xin Yu Ping, you can skip the shower and go directly to the lounge room/fishbowl. The fishbowl is two windows long, and the interesting thing was I could absolutely swear they can see you clearly on the other side. Unlike the windows at XYP/999/SY (where the girls are always looking a bit aimless since they're just looking in the mirror), these girls were staring directly at me, and even following the movement of people walking in the background. One thing that I found a little neat was that in the area where you wait for a room with your girl doing peak hours, there are little small carriages that I'd assume you and your selected WG sit in. They even have curtains that you can draw down, and it's for this reason alone that I would like to visit during peak hours to see if you can do any hanky-panky in a closed-curtain carriage, as that'd be the most awesome way to kill time waiting for a room Session rooms are pretty standard. Interestingly, they use actual bed linen instead of towels to cover the bed. Girls: The sole reason I'm checking this place out, as I could have saved myself 100 RMB and had an awesome session with my current fav at SY. On my first trip to the fishbowl, I realized pickings might be a bit slim as it was still pretty early when we got there (1pm). Our lineup consisted of just 12 girls (3 of whom I recognized from XYP), mostly 5-7's. After my session and a short break, I did ask to check out the fishbowl again, and there definitely were a few stunners in there and a lot more girls as well (around 40 I think, and there were maybe around five 8 or 9's that I saw. On any given day, there are supposedly around 90 ladies working there, with a complete roster of 140ish. Much like Si Yuan, in the early months they had to pull in ladies from their other saunas to work there part-time, but that's over with. Also, a good amount of the ladies are actually from Xin Yu Ping. Session Details: We got to the sauna at around 1pm, and it being our first visit there, the attendant asked to see our sauna card. My friend mentioned we didn't have one, and then the attendant said we needed a card to enter. Being the bright, plucky lad I am, I prepared for this initial visit by bringing along my other sauna cards from their other branches. He said that was ok, but we'd still have to pay for a card now. My buddy was starting to get into it with the "patrons of your other saunas" argument when one of the managers came out, and it just happened to be the one I know from XYP (the first thing he said to me was "Why'd you stop going to XYP!?" haha). Sets us up all with cards and off we head directly to the fishbowl. As mentioned above, we got a pretty small lineup since it was so early. There was really only 1 that really stood out to me, a spinner with pretty big boobs. Right as I turned to tell the manager, my friend cockblocked me (unknowingly of course) and selected her! Ah, the joys of mongering with friends! I spent another good minute or two trying to select, with the manager constantly recommending some ladies... I was narrowing it down to two tall, slender ladies when some more mongers came in to pick. Feeling a bit too anxious, I immediately selected the one that stood out a bit more, simply because she had a red-auburn hair color, #800. Unfortunately for me, as soon as we got to the room, I realized I definitely made a mistake in picking her (and yes, I definitely could have switched, but I always get embarrassed and decide to just suck it up).
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