Hao Di Fang Massage(Zhangyang Road) (Shanghai)

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    Website: http://www.hotfor.net/
    Phone: 021-61536163
    Address: No5-6,Dongming Square, No.628 Lane, Zhangyang Road
    DBA in local language: 好地方足道(张杨路店)
    Category: Massage Parlor
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    Take Exit 12 from Century Avenue Subway station. You will find the massage place on the left side of Zhang Yang Road as you walk towards the river. To get to the right place, you must pass that shop and then turn left at the end of the block and cross over the parking lot. There is a archery place and a gym on the ground floor. But in big letter there is massage for the second floor. This shop also have different branches all over Shanghai and offer a wide range of service, but like all of this Shanghai Happy Ending Massage Parlors, you can never be 100% sure what you get, because every special service only depends on the girl. But at least a oil massage happy ending is included in the RMB 218 Service.
    Really run down…. and very local so no English spoken. Girls not attractive at all and I turned away 5 girls before settling on someone who was a 6 rating in looks. Paid 268 RMB but tipped the girl a bit as she did try to give a decent service. She said touching her butt was extra fee which I didn't take up.
    This place was not hard to find, but upon going through the parking lot, I could see that this place was below standard. The fixtures look super dated. Each room has a big shower. But the bed looks gross.

    Also, the girls aren't very attractive. Maybe it was the night I went out on, but all the rooms seem sparse. No tissues in the room.!

    All in all, I'm not sure I would go back.

    It was ¥268 as the base and then more money for roaming.

    Very hard working girl, but not very attractive.
    Was feeling quite tired and horny today so decide to try out 好地方 at Zhangyang road as recommended by some brudders here. The location was easy enough to find, just go along Zhangyang road after Pudong South road and it is on the southern side of the road beside Bai Nao Hui. It is in between two buildings and there is a huge sign about 200m in. Went around 9 plus and there were a few guys around. The place is huge and saw a few gals walking around, not too bad looking, shiok. Went for the 268 package, sigh, succumbed to the persistence of the young guy. Led to a room and waited for the gal. Room had a bed on one side (just beside the door, and a partition where there is a wooden tub (size of a bath tub) on the other side. A busty gal came in, around 1.65m, large breast, which is a huge plus. Changed to the disposables shorts and went into the tub (she was filling it with water). Chit chat with her and learned that she is number 77 (bros, remember this number hor, you will know later). She started with massage of head, then asked if want to wash face and hair, went for face wash which was quite comfortable. Then she moved to the right side and maage hand, leg, and then she reached straight in the grab the rod, stroking it, sibei shiok. After a while, she moved to the left side and did the same. Was thinking if I should make any moves, but was tired and also enjoying the 'harassment' so just enjoyed lor. Got out of the tub and was given a pair of very baggy shorts, good access p. Move to the bed and she did a back massage which was not too bad. then she went to the legs and then thigh and then straight into the zone. Enjoyed the fondling session. After that, she took one of those jelly and started to use her mouth to go about the back. Halfway, she spit it out and use her tongue, which was very shiok too. Thereafter, she asked me to turn around and ask about 'hudong'. Little bro was standing high and mighty so told her to go ahead. Gave her the impression that I have been here before (thanks to the previous FRs) and did not have to negotiate price. The surprise happened here, cos I was expecting a HJ but she sat up, went down and said she have a very flexible tongue, and then went straighjt for a BBBJ. And she did have a very very flexible tongue, first time I had a BBBJ with more twirling than sucking. Shiok until 9 heaven. Had a good 5 mins of BBBJ before I ask her if can CIM, which of course was a no-no. Could have went ahead without warning, but must be nice to her too, so finished with a HJ, which was very sextifying too. All in all, a very enjoyable session. Gave her 300 as tips cos of the very excellent BBBJ. For bros who enjoy BBBJ, really must try. She did it without me asking, so I think she must do it for all (I think). Looks around 7, body is busty with nice breast (enjoyed the BBBJ too much, did not do anything....paiseh), quite a ok lady. Have fun, bros.
    Just like to share some of my activities in SH recently, went for a business trip and immediately after touch down, head straight to the hotel to settle down and hunt for release Went to "Hao Di Fang" in Zhangyang road. Chose the package of 268 rmb with "buding". According to the OKT and the lady that serve me, they classified into 3 type, 198rmb, 268rmb n 368rmb. different price different lady. Not sure the standard for 198rmb is really lousier than 268rmb? Anyway first time there so they chose one for me, not bad looking have those slutty look. Figure with cloth on is 10/10, but during action, see the body, DROP to 6. She is young but breast consider small, maybe small B but quite accomodating and nice to play with. Height about 1.6m and weight around 50kg Can autoroam n suck. Good. Overall experience is ok but decided to try others since i am a boob lover. During conversation ask her to recommend and she say number 22 or 25. Btw she is number 6. Paid her 200 rmb in tip. The next day went to the same place again to find number 25. Her looks not bad n boobs is confirm bigger. Proceed on with the same stuff. Ask her whether got BM plus release on breast (My favourite) but she say next time then provide. LL lor release on her hand with autoroam but no sucking... She doesn't allow sucking of nipple. Btw she is about 1.58m in height, weight 46kg and boobs size small C. Tip her 150rmb Guess what i really return for her as i wanted to try her BM. Sad to say, the experience not really good lor. I was wondering why girls with good asset dont know how to untilise it fully. In fact most girls i find with considerable size boobs don't know much of BF? Well was disappointed but still proceed on and done the job n paid her 200 rmb. Was wondering if any bro try 368rmb package before? Also can any senior bro please recommend places similar to Hao Di Fang for happy ending. Not really looking into FJ but just plain HJ ending plus autoroaming. Or is there any chinese website in shanghai that operate like SBF so i can also gather information myself? Thanks a lot for the reading. Up me if you like.
    A simple FR from Old Man: Went to 好地方 (Zhangyang Lu) ytd for a massage after getting off a midnite flight, staff intro me to a new service package of Rmb268, nothing much except they rubbed down your back 'partially' (after the normal oil massage) using 布丁.............felt alittle 'cold', too bad she didn't use the 布丁 to blow my KKJ! No worth paying the extras bucks for two little 布丁, whahahaha! __________________ The Day we are born, we start to die. Life is filled with uncertainties, please live life to the fullest with no regrets.
    Just came back from Shanghai and visited "Hao Di Fang" at Zhangyang. Name: Wang Lan Age: 26 Looks : 7.5/10 GFE : 7/10 Damage: 218 RMB + 200 RMB Tips (For Roaming) This is the first time I visited this place and the experience and price is just amazing! Definitely will go there whenever I go Shanghai from now on. Step in and took the 218 RMB Package . Told the guy I needed a young and good looking lady. Waited in the room and came a pretty good looking and busty lady dressed in sailormoon kind of outfit with half her boobs popping out! Ask me to wait while she prepare the hot water... Strip and changed to their paper under wear and sit inside the bath tub while she help me to shower. Chit chat abit ... and I started to get naughty when she started to give me a HJ in the water and clean my ass... My hand slip inside her Gigantic boobs and her nipple is so sensitive.... The rest Up to you guys to Imagine I have her Wechat and mobile no... for those who are keen... will only give to those whom I think deserve it and also for senior bros..
    one bro posted location previously. for your convenience, below is the info I copy n paste. Name: Spring Massage & Spa Package: Standard is 258 per package for 90min package 1. shuicheng nanlu 17 hao 2. madang lu 606 hao 3. maoming bei lu 148 hao 4. tianbao lu 78 hao 5. dapulu 437 hao 6. gong kang lu 153 hao 7. jiangning lu 585 hao 8. yichuan lu 718 hao The other massage place mentioned in the thread is HDF (hao di fang) which I also tried today. Package cheaper @ 218 and includes a hot tub b4 the massage. Imo better deal. their website is www.hotfor.net the masseur also ask for 200 for hu4 dong4 ley.. maybe I am lousy at bargaining.. did not manage to remove her top.. only unbutton and unclip bra. suck her big ne ne keke I went to the Zhang Yang Branch, a few shops on the right got another massage place, judging got girl sitting at the door, its more obviously got hanky panky. anyone tried that?
    With reference to a post by Blackrose in page 851, I decided to revisit one of the 好地方足道 found on http://www.hotfor.net/ As 上海张杨店--浦东新区张杨路628弄5-6号2楼(近第一八佰伴、百脑汇右侧) is the nearest, I decided to head there for a visit. I went in and decided to try the 花样踩背 which costs 128元 and lasts 60分钟. A petite MM came in No.8 came in. She was kinda sweet and bubbly. The outfit she is wearing is a office uniform complete with mini skirt and black stockings. she passed me a set of clothes to change in. After changing, she proceeded to use her feet to massage my back. The massage is quite good surprisingly with the right pressure on the right spot. After a while, I could feel something smooth rubbing on my back and i figured out that she was using her bum to massage my back as well. Then, I was asked to turn over... and lord and behold I could see the underneath of her mini skirt and she was wearing a black panty with stockings. And occasionally, she deliberately use her feet to massage the bermuda triangle area. What happens soon after is that she will use her bum to massage my captain and asked me if I want something more. Knowing she is suggesting a HJ, I teased her and said if she could make my captain rise, I might consider. Then she ponder for a while and said confidently she will definitely make my captain surrender to her. But the price must be right. I negotiate with her and finally settled on 200RMB. Half if my captain won't surrender. And so she begin her strategy of attacking my captain. She unbuttoned her shirt and bra and immediately, my hands begin to auto-roam her battlefield. She tried to make my captain came out of hiding and keeps on commenting how sexy i am with her cute little voice. then she lie down next to me whisper sweet nothings to me, and I could smell the fragrance of her hair, her neck..I grabbed her bum and massage her V and she moans, i kissed her neck and she moans louder and stroked my captain harder. In no time, my captain surrendered. After the battle, she tended to my captain wounds, washed it properly and dressed me up. She then gave a nice back massage and asked me if i want a leg massage. A leg massage? Yes, she said its free and it last 80 minutes. And off I go to the leg massage which also include another back massage also! All in all, 128+200 328 with 140 minutes of good massage. Worth it? Yes. RTHJ? Yes.
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