Hao Di Fang Massage(Baoding Road) (Shanghai)

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    Website: http://www.hotfor.net/
    Phone: 021-61533337
    Address: No.257, Baoding Road
    DBA in local language: 好地方足道(保定路店)
    Category: Massage Parlor
    About Me:
    Hao Di Fang Massage Shanghai The chinese Name of this Massage Shop Chain is called 好地方 (Hǎo dì fāng), the english translation would be "good place". And this is also what we think about it. They also have different shops all over Shanghai and offer a wide range of service, but like all of this Shanghai Happy Ending Massage Parlors, you can never be 100% sure what you get, because every special service only depends on the girl. But at least a oil massage happy ending is included in the RMB 218 Service.
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