Hai Shang Yuan Health Hall (Shanghai)

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    Address: No.1159 Shanxi North Road
    DBA in local language: 海上缘养生会所
    Category: Massage Parlor
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    Close to the Anyuan Road/Shaanxi Road in Jing’an District, the Hai Shang Yuan Health Hall houses first-class services and nice environment. As an ideal location for leisure, the venue provides services such as foot massage, shiatsu therapy, lymphatic detox therapy, prostate massage, aromatherapy, Tuina massage, facial treatment, skin scrub, cupping and others.
    Went here based on a tip from over a year ago. #2: 6.5/10 30 good attitude and skill. overall a 7/10 experience. (prostate) #8 3/10 35 good attitude, poor skill 3.5/10 experience (no prostate) I will try this place one more time before moving on. It's not bad, it's just that I think this city has better. If anyone knows a better PM place in Jing'an please PM me.
    I walked in and talked to the girl at the desk. I knew I was in trouble when I asked her for 2 pretty girls in Chinese. She hemmed and hawed. She asked if I wanted to see the room and girls. I said ok. The room looked good on first glance. I said ok. She went to get the girl. While she was gone, I started to have second thoughts. The room is not as clean as I thought. There is peeling paint on the walls and the floor in the shower is looking like it has never been cleaned. I am ready to just walk out when the door opens.
    got there at 2pm, no technician available (meaning noone present) at the moment, so they asked me to wait inside half hour. as there's nothing much in the neighbourhood by walk distance, and I felt a bit stressed by the search, I accepted the offer. themain services are: 218 60 mins massage, 338 90 mins bath+massage (there's also a double phoenix for 550, if I am not wrong, which means 2 technicians working on you at the same time). I opted for the bath+massage thing. The receptionist was very kind and high spirited. she walked me to a waiting room, where I could sit in a nice armchair and drink some tea. after precisely half hour, a tiny, cute girl (40 kilos, she told me) entered the room and asked me to move to the bath room, which was a lil small but looked comfy. she started preparing the bath and I gave her an hand as she kept on lifting huge buckles of water that looked heavier than her, to fill the tub. The bath was great, the water temperature perfect, she let me relax in the tub while we were chatting. she wasn't very talkative at first, but i'm kinda of a people person so in the end the conversation went smooth (mandarin only). she scrub my back a bit, massaged my arms, hands, legs, feet, lower parts as well (just a gentle touch), and after 20 mins something I came out, dried up and moved to the bed. she kept massaging me for 1 hr. more or less: massage was ok but nothing great, I love hard massage and she just didn't have the strenght, I just told her to stop when she felt tired but she kept goin' till half hour to the end. I guess there's a kind of timer for them. a nice thing she did, rubbed oil on her legs and massaged my back and butt with her knees and legs, I could feel her lil weight, really awesome. she also aksed me if i wanted my butt hole licked, i just said no thanks. she then asked me to move on my back, and sit on the bed with me. I asked if I could tip her and see her naked and touch her as well. she was very shy at the beginning so i just told her it's ok if u don't like. she suddenly said: I like to be licked. well, I love that. I undressed her and I just kept on DATY on her for 20 mins, she came couple of times, then gave me a beautiful HJ. no BJ unfortunately, but I felt really good anyway. she kinda asked me out at the end, but as I am married, I just told her I would be back but couldn't take her out. left her 100 RMB tip. Didn't know her no., and will not publish her name for privacy reasons.
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