Hai Lang Sauna (Shanghai)

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    Address: West Zhongshan Road 1277
    Also Known As: Surf Club Sauna
    DBA in local language: 海浪会所(海浪休闲会所)
    Open Hours: 12:00am to 12:00am
    Category: Massage Parlor, Beauty Spa, Sauna
    Foreigner Friendly: Yes
    About Me:
    The chinese name you never will remember (hai lang xiu xian hui suo), so for western it is called "wave" or "new wave". Hai Lang Sauna offer a high class massage service and also red rope and nuru massage in shanghai. The location is clean, people are friendly and they have a lot of very beautiful sexy massage girls. Most customers are Japanese or Chinese people, could be because off our review now you will find more and more western customer there. Some massage rooms have a connected bathroom, so you can get a soap body to body massage also. Special also is the red rope helicopter "massage". For the girls selection, you will have a relaxed "fishbowl" room, so no pushing atmosphere. Price:RMB 600 for 1.5 hours.

    After the raid in Shanghai, this place is still recommended given its still operating with decent standards.
    After 3-4 times there I had a very bad experience. The lady was rude to me when I asked for 2 times (it was usual before). All the service was already in bad mood. I didn't finish even one, and I told her to leave. She started to cry and be soft and few seconds later shout me and be really strong... like crazy. My first experience like that. I finished in half hour and I told the manager everything. He laughed at me. Never come back.
    I went to Hailang spa last week to enjoy a red rope service, about 800rmb, I chose the girl whose number is 007, she first gave me a little BBBJ, very cool, then she perform the the red rope and Full Service really make me very happy, she couldn’t speak English but enough of the men do that, the service was professional, but didn’t give me a discount which made me a little angry. Other things were OK.
    I went to Waves (Hai Lang) once and the service was great, but the girl wouldn't do a prostate massage. But I'd like to go back there since the experience was amazing. I saw other people there who bring a little pouch with them into the room, presumably for condoms, cigarettes, whatever. Now hear me out: I'd like to bring a strap-on with me for the girl to wear and use on me. It's unlikely she'll do a prostate massage, so this is sort of an intriguing compromise. I don't speak any Chinese.
    Haï lang Every time I visit shanghai I try to pay a visit to hai Lang. Service is good and I like their nuru massage. I ve been going there for 3 years and I am usually not disappointed. I went there yesterday. Thought That on a Sunday evening I would get a chance to see the majority of their roster. There was about 20 girls there. For those who ve never been there, hai Lang is a place where girls can refuse to do foreigners (they only do HJ and bbj instead) (arguing that it is because of the size). Whereas in the past only a couple of girls would refuse to be penetrated by a foreigner yesterday all but two were sidelined! Question to sh senior members: what s been happening? Has the place been ruined by careless laowai (one of the girl I was chatting with was hinting at that)?
    the dog
    went there several days ago, they had a line up behind the fishbowl. About 10 girls, I looked around for a bit and then one of the girls smiled at me from behind the glass,so I picked her. We went to the room, she showered me off and did the whole nuru thing on me and the whole time I was playing with her ass and pussy. It was awesome. We then went into the room, she first had me on my back and rubbed her big boobs all over my body, following that, she took a swig of her water and but her lips on my back and made a seal and started to move her mouth all over my. Felt like a vacuum, very cool!! Then she had me get on my knees. I didn't know what she was going to do, but was pleasantly surprised when she stuck her tongue in to my ass and started to dig deep into it. She did that for about 3 minutes... OMG it was goood!!! Then she sucked me off for about 10 minutes or so... I decided that it was time that I got to work, so I put her on her back and started to pound her, her boobs bounced back and forth while she screamed as she was about to orgasm, I pulled my dick out and took off the condom and quickly stuck it into her mouth and made her suck me off. She seemed to enjoy it as she rubbed herself. I shot into her and she swallowed We rested for a while and I had her suck my dick again for about 10 minutes as I relaxed as I played with her pussy. then time was up and she washed me off... wonderful experience!
    Been there again a few weeks ago, the rule seems to change, as they that that it was a private club (I think they may have been bother by policemen or press), so they only accept people who have the VIP card !! I said that I have been there before without card and the manager said it was impossible and asked how much I've paid last time. I said 880rmb, and this is one of the few place that has red rope and he let me take the card (100rmb still, completely reuseable) and he let me in. I asked for red rope at the entrance, asked not to wash at the pool to save time and rush to the upper floor and waited to go to fish tank. The girl no 930 was one pretty girl, high but unfortunately she is not doing red rope, so I finally choose the girl 913. She is a little bit small, but very lively, always smiling and acccepted or refused my proposition with smile. The process was kinda classic, washing .. everywhere, boobs on my back, and we go finally to the bed. Again most of the girl master the fire and ice technique, like warm water to make it confortable and warm you up and icy water to stop you at the right moment, if you know what I mean ;).. The red rope consist to do a blowjob suspended with red rope (where came the name) to turn 360 degree many time with hand, lil bro on the mouth, and to release all and turn many time back which give you a very different bj feeling, and very enjoyable ;). I release the volcano from the back and we finish chatting a little bit since she had the mouth quite busy all the time (which is not to unplease me ;) We finished washing ourselves, and phoning to confirm that everything goes well...
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