Fino Massage (Shanghai)

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    Website: http://www.finomassage.cn/
    Phone: (021)6359-1155
    Address: No.486, Dagu road
    DBA in local language: Fino 保健按摩会所
    Open Hours: 12:00am to 02:00am
    Massage Service: Oil Massage, Foot Massage
    Category: Massage Parlor
    About Me:
    Fino massage is one of the best massage places you can have a try, there are light music, babbling Brooks, natural fragrance, let you in this quite different environment to enjoy something, fino has recieve the guidance from the Japan and domestic famous aromatic massage experts, it has the domestic first-class skills of aromatic therapy massage and adhering to the culture of traditional Chinese medicine and also combined with modern science and technology innovation which can develop their own unique massage idea, this massage parlor will offer you Chinese meridian massage, Japanese shiatsu, essence oil and aromatherapy massage, foot care massage service and so on, it can caress your body and mind, reduce the work pressure, your body will feel more relaxed and comfortable, The environment of this massage parlor is very quiet and clean. It has an extensive menu of choices such as 60 minute Chinese Relaxing Finger Pressure Massage, foot massage, or on special massage for 108 RMB ($16). The massage therapists will give you clothes (sort of like pajamas) to change into. They are shorts and a wrap around top, which isn't that good at staying closed, but it was functional. There are nice comfortable beds to lay on. The massage session is nice, but 60 minutes was more than enough.
    Fino massage Hi All. Sometimes I like a good oil massage and I went to Fino Massage this week end. Behind their price of 750 Rmb for 90 minutes, I was thinking to get good massage and sexy girl. The girl was not so sexy, a bit fat, the massage nothing exceptional and after groping her and trying to move her pantyhose she asked more money for that. So I do not recommend this place and there many other place better than this one. Later I moved to other place. By the way question to all of you, where is the place with the most beautiful girl in Shanghai, massage and sauna. Forget bar and KTV and so on, for that need to have time to drink a beer.
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