Dongfangyuan Sauna (Shanghai)

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    Address: 3F,Bohong Building, No.495, Jiangning Road
    DBA in local language: 东方源桑拿
    Open Hours: 13:00pm - 2:00am
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
    About Me:
    Dongfangyuan Sauna is located near the connection of Jiangning Road and Kangding Road. There are many high-grade room and more than 15 rest rooms. Each resting room can accommodate 10 people and all rooms are delicately designed with the top standard by the famous designer. The bath and dry steaming pool is particularly suited to entertain the valued customer, room facilities with independent IPTV on-demand system and VIP dry area circular appeal big bed room.<br /> <br /> There is free parking area on the first floor. Manager and waiters will wait for you in the hall, in the rest rooms. All the drinks and food there are free. There is authentic Australian picking up girl area. The massage technicians here all wear uniforms and provide unified imperial services for ISO process.
    So as soon as I landed, I got a friend to take me to a sauna. We went to Dong Fang Yuan. It's on JiangNing road and KangDing road intersection. I didn't get a chance to take a pic, but it should be easy to find. There's a Tesco, go in from the right side, take elevator to 3rd floor and you are there

    Being my virgin experience to a sauna I was rather nervous. After reception, I was taken to the locker room. There were 2 other punters there, you take off all your cloths and change into the shorts and top they give you. I was then led to a room with my friend, and asked for drinks, everything is free except beers and smokes. After about 10min, the mms led us to the whirlpool area and shouted for the WGs to come out. There were about 15 in total, ranging from 5-8. So of course I picked the only 8. Number 68. I was told its a good pick because red tags means they are good? She's from Jiang Xi about 160 and firm b cup boobs, nice little spinner no fat at all. Big eyes with a sexy look
    This place has the soapy area in the rooms, but I skipped it. The room has mirrors all the way around, but not on the ceiling. The BBBJ was solid. The sex was more than solid. She took me all of me without any complaints at all. But at the same time she was impressively tight. The doggy style with this girl was excellent. I tried it out then wound up going back to that position for most of the encounter. Because of the tightness I had to pull out a couple of times to avoid a premature finish&nbsp;

    Price felt a little high given the quality of the lineup, but if you live in this area then it's difficult to beat it for the convenience. I'm hoping I got a bad draw with the lineup and that there are more girls. Also worth noting that some of my regular WGs are still not back from CNY...so that could also explain it a bit.
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