Dong Jing Wan 968 Sauna Club (Shanghai)

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    Address: No.928,Pudong Avenue, near Yuanshen Road
    DBA in local language: 东晶湾968桑拿会所
    Open Hours: PM 13:00 - AM 2:30
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
    About Me:
    This sauna club is located in Shanghai Pudong Avenue, it covers a total area of 5000 square meters. There are boutique massage technician who can provide Japanese service for 90 minutes the store is new opening, you can enjoy membership price 750rmb, they can also provide free food such as chaos, dumplings, noodles, dumplings and free drink such as black tea, green tea, coffee, orange juice, the environment is very nice and clean, there are luxurious lounge, high-quality goods rest rooms, spacious and luxurious dressing room.
    I have been there last night. The address is easy to find if you show it to taxi driver BUT:
    First of all you should know that nobody could not speak english there! Only chines!
    I went there by a freind, at 23:30. There is a photo of entrenc at this web site, you should go up stairs to reception.
    They will give you a key ( yes a regular key, not magnetical)
    Then a boy guid to locker room, after changing, you will be sent to a room to wait.
    I think there should be some option for eating and drinking (as is saw a menu ther, but nothing in english) i could not get even some WATER, because i don't know chineese.
    Anyway, they asked us to go out to selecting girls, but there was no FISH tank, only 3 girl for two guys!!!!!!
    We selected our girls and went to rooms
    My room had shower, but my freind's did not!!!!!!!!
    My girl(i think the number was 48) was about 40 (yes 40 but not MILF) !!!! but my freinds was about 25.
    My girl just opend her legs and make some noise (as you are watching porn movie!!!) and after that lead me to shower!!!!! Nothing more.
    My freinds girl ahd kised and licked l him totally and after sex, they had lefted the room without washing and taking shower!!!
    Finally we paied 750 rmb per person.

    My score is :
    Address: 10/10
    Girls: 1/10
    Envirment : 3/10
    Sauna Report: Dong Jin Wan After going to Longhao Sauna last week: http://shanghai.happymassage.com/mas...mber-1392.html Was given a card to their new place, which they told me was newly opened and had a better selection of girls. The place is called: Dong Jin Wan Men's Club (sauna) Address: 928 Pudong Ave (between Yuanshen Lu & Taolin Lu) Figured I'd try it out after a meeting in Lujiazui. Quick 5+ min cab ride over. The place is set back in the mini plaza at 928, where there looks to be a cafe and a couple beer bars, on the right side of Pudong Ave if you're coming from the LJZ direction. Place is definitely much much nicer than Longhao Sauna (though not hard to achieve). Standard setup and the locker / shower area (with large hottub and steam rooms) were probably around the same level as I remember Sacrosa. Though new. Girl selection was ok, nothing outstanding, but had a variety of skinnier and some chubbier girls (with big knockers like at Longhao. I think they stock the stacked girls here). I usually like the skinnier ones, but I had a great time with a chubs but juggy girl at Longhao, so went for the girl with the largest jugs in the lineup. #780. Plump, but with a decent enough face (def not the cutest in the looks dept) , but stacked. Was offered their VIP room service which is two hours for 1350 by the hall boss. Regular room and 1 hour was 700. I took a look at both and the VIP room has a huge full bathroom shower room side attached, vs just a small shower in the regular room. Bed area was also a little bit bigger and nicer. The girl was also pushing for the VIP room and promised a good time. Said heck and went for the VIP room. VIP room was very clean and spacious with a hotelish feel. Big round bed a fun touch. Standard sauna . Got shower massaged and cleaned (no nuru bed) , just the japanese style split seat. Cat bath, deep anal rimming, a little DATY, BBBJ, then to FS every which way. Two covered pops. She was also nice enough to give me a BBBJ HJ pop right before the session was over. Nice girl. Total bill was 1350 for the VIP room for 2 hours with the girl. This place is 700 rmb per hour for normal room. 100 rmb more than Longhao, but worth it in comparison given the facilities. I also previously stated incorrectly that Longhao sauna was 615 per hour. It is actually 600 rmb (not 615 rmb) per hour, I forgot I ordered a pack of smokes during my visit and that was 30 rmb. I'd repeat if I was conveniently in the area, but probably would not go across town for it. The VIP deal is def worth if you happen to like your girl and don't mind staying longer. The room is much nicer than the reg room setup. It's also newer, so rooms are clean and feel new. Strange note: they had a kind of wine shop display setup in the lobby downstairs before you walk up. I overheard them offering another customer (his bill was only 700rmb) a coupon for a complimentary bottle of wine downstairs (looked and probably is local stuff so nothing special) , so maybe there is some promotion.
    A nice 2008 Australian Shiraz I was surprised to get a bottle on the way and expected some local nasty red but was nicely surprised to find a tasty 2008 Aussie Shiraz. It was good. I paid 750 for 70 minutes. I think the address is 926 Pudong Ave.
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