Congen Massage Healthcare Club(Xietu Road) (Shanghai)

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    Website: http://www.shkangjun.cn/en/
    Phone: 021-64181993
    Address: No.1975 Lane, Xietu Road
    DBA in local language: 康骏会馆(斜土店)
    Category: Massage Parlor
    About Me:
    This massage shop is very quiet, you can be easy to find this massage shop in Xietu road,. The decoration of this massage shop has a bit of a Thai style wnich is antique, the part of the corridor composed of wood floors and rain flower stones inlaid; the room lights can adjust light and shade, there are relaxing music and essential oil fragrance. the waiter attitude is very nice, the project and the characteristics of "drawing". The massage technologies from all massage therapists are "good". There are free fruit, snacks you can enjoy after the massage session.
    This massage place is very popular in Shanghai, the environment is very quiet and the customer service is very nice. The girls will serve fruits or tea for you when you are having a rest and they can also give you something that you like or need during the massage session.
    I tried No.31 massage technician, she is really very nice. Give me the clean and friendly feeling.  If you plan to go to this shop, I suggest that you can choose full body massage, oil massage or foot massage package.
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