CHI Spa (Shanghai)

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    Website: http://www.shangri-la.com/shanghai/pudongshangrila/health-leisure/chi-the-spa/
    Phone: 86 21 6882 8888
    Address: Inside Shangri-La, Shanghai, 33 Fucheng Lu, near Dongchang Lu 6/F, Tower 2
    DBA in local language: 气水疗
    Open Hours: 10am - 12midnight
    Category: Massage Parlor,Beauty Spa
    About Me:
    It is located in the Pudong Shangri La Hotel. As its namesake implies, all CHI signature therapies are based on keeping TCM’s key five elements (metal, water, wood, fire and earth for you newbies) in harmony with the body’s Yin and Yang. After nearly four hours of water therapy, revitalizing body wrap, Tibetan tsampa Loofa Scrub and Himalayan healing stone massage, your chi is guaranteed to leave happy and secure. “CHI, The Spa features a unique ‘spa within a spa’ concept; each complete with its own private bath, shower, steam, relaxation lounge, changing and vanity areas” notes Wong Chin CHu, communications manager.
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