Chang An Ge Health Club(Huai Hai Xi Lu) (Shanghai)

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    Address: No.343,Huaihai West Road
    DBA in local language: 畅安阁养生会馆(淮海西路店)
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    Chang An Ge health club(Huai Hai Xi Lu)’s environment is elegant, their service is really good and enthusiastic, massage technician gimmick is also pretty good, there are so many foot massage shops around that area , but the Chang An Ge is the most profound, This may be a new store, so it compared to other stores, the hardware. massage room, LCD TV, shower room are all very new. You can choose the massage room you like to do foot bath with the European oil, the light can give the pretty comfortable feeling, it is a bit like a villa, when you step into it, you may smell Chinese herbal medicine taste, the average price of one person is about 128rmb, there is no tip in this shop, all rooms are very clean, there are only two parking Spaces, but the quantity of technicians is too little, there are few new girls to come, so choice is only a little.<br /> <br /> Price: powder massge for 258RM<br />       BBBJ+ HJ+ Massage is 218 RMB<br /> <br /> Techncian No.26 is recommended.
    Went to 畅安阁-淮海西路branch, did not book in advance as recommend by the bro here. So all the ang pai is busy... so I think number 3 come serve me, very rush, any how massage then go stright to stroke my little bro... did not like the session at all. o far I like HaoDiFang better or a joint in 南丹路,198 for massage with happy ending and + 100 for auto roam.
    Tks for the info bro Nuru. I didn't go to Hao Di Fang cos it was raining today and very strong wind so I didn't want to go to pudong and I went back to my regular place 畅安阁-淮海西路branch. Because I would like to enjoy a relatively OK type of massage and then go for the sensual massage. Yes I opt for the 台式按摩1.5hour(rmb160) first then go for欧式按摩70 mins (rmb218). By the way any Bro know solid massage in shanghai like the one in Singapore Club street Oriental ? Please let me know. Many tks in advance. I assume the difference between of 好地方 and 畅安阁is that 好地方 offer bath for you but in 畅安阁 you have to shower yourself and no wooden tub or things like that. However the price of 畅安阁is inclusive of 1 x HJ plus autoroam (depends on girl's mood and gentleness of client, don't frame me if you didn't get or you try to force your way). you could opt for oil or powder. No tips involved. So for the price of 218 you get 70mins of sensual massage and 1 x HJ if you count in the tips that involved in 好地方you could opt for another slightly proper massage. Correct me if I am wrong and please provide more info for bro regular at 好地方 Back to 畅安阁-淮海西路 branch, phone number: 52305878 is actually located at 虹桥MRT line 3,4 and 10. It is opposite line 10 exit (延安西路-新淮海坊building) and next to the still under construction office block I think is called 汇京国际. is about 30m from the line 10 exit. 3 Ang Pai over at this branch, no 26, 19 and 28. No 26 from sichuan, age 25, 34A 1,65m silky long smooth leg. look 7, known her for years, she is former ang pai at behind Ramada Hotel斜土路close to junction of南丹路. Good massage skill but not the solid nor close to hard type. But her HDLY skill and HJ is the best of the 3. today I was lucky to get back this girl No. 18 from Hainan, age 24, 34C 1.67m silky long leg, look 7.5, former ang pai of 肇嘉浜路branch. those senior bro here probably could remember her about a year ago when she is there. She got about 10 regular Singapore customer, she told me 你的兄弟的XX我都抓过。都不小, No 28 from Shandong, age 24, 34B, 167m fair long leg. look 7. She didn't tell me where she previously from. But good comms skill and treat you like boyfriend. All the 3 girls are ang pai there so it is best that you call to make appointment otherwise is not easy to get them on the spot. They are very friendly towards me maybe old customer? And I always have a good time autoroam anywhere with any one of them. If you could "lun" for a little longer, you will enjoy more. Please do not ask them to strip naked cos is not allow, but I have stop going to the other 畅安阁 (mostly in XuJiaHui) cos the girls left and standard DROP liao. Or Bro who got new lobang? By the way I'd xian them for a while liao, could not get any one of them out for meal or for further action maybe not yandao or not yang and they don't have off day. I know No 18 got a lot of Spore bro xian her before, I think only one got the luck. Perhaps I need to try harder....................... Bro could go to Baidu and search for both joints location. Hope is helpful!
    it is not so good but the reception service are very good, the massage skill of the technician is just so so, there is not too much feeling on the body.
    This is a new store, so the hardware is very nice. the massage rooms are equipped with LCD TV and shower room, massage room can also do foot bath with European oil, it is pretty comfortable.
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