Bodi Hotel Sauna (Shanghai)

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    Address: No.1245, Longyang Road
    Also Known As: Bodi Boutique Hotel Sauna
    DBA in local language: 博地会所
    Open Hours: 12:00am-12:00am
    Category: Sauna
    Foreigner Friendly: Yes
    About Me:
    Bodhi Hotel Sauna is a nice plase similar to the 999 and golden 18. they offer a nice linup with 15 to 30 girls from early morning till 3 am in the night. The service also includes a soapie wash together with the girl in a special bathroom connected to the massage room. nice experience, if you never tried a nuru-massage before.
    There are at least 20 girls in this sauna club when I visited this shop, I was not sure how to make a choice, they were all very pretty and warm, finally I chose the girl who had great boobs that was good enough for me, amazing time together. I was relaxed and stress releasing. Worth every penny spend.
    one of my Chinese friend brought me to Bodi Sauna last week, after bathing, I was lead to a big room where the girls will be lined up for choosing, I thought this sauna was similar with the sauna in Macau, there were some rooms which were more expensive because they were theme rooms, I tried the Nuru massage which was really nice.
    Very Nice Place. Absolutely foreigner friendly place. English is a challenge but if you have Google translator installed on your smartphone then communnication should be no problem. The girls are very very beautiful and sexy and happy to serve you. I went there 2 times and took 2 girls each time. Man they drove me crazy. I had a great fun here and would recommend to all my friends. Someone in earlier reviews mentioned that Bodi do not entertain Indians. That is not correct. People here are very nice and they are not raciest from any views. A must visit place in Shanghai.
    I visited Bodi sauna about three weeks ago during a business trip to Shanghai. I had a most amazing experience, they were all very nice to me though none spoke English, I chose a very pretty girl who was my favorite style, she had enough experience for providing the special services, nice experience!
    I enjoyed the hot tub, sauna and steam room, the environment was very nice, clean and comfortable, the massage technician I chose was also very professional and provide me perfect service.
    It was one of the best experiences I have ever had, I was a little nervous at first, they did not speak any English but it was no problem, the staffs are very smart to understand what I said.
    All in all it was a wonderful experience, these girls are generally fairly clean. I can only highly recommend it, it was very clean, classy inside, and no problems.
    Anyway, once we got onto the BBBJ I was pleasantly surprised as she was awesome at it. I normally can't come from a BJ but this girl with her tiny mouth was getting some really deep action going and within minutes I was ready to blow. I asked if CIM was okay and she nodded and I went for it.   It had been a while and she couldnt take it all, but after letting some escape she got straight back to sucking.
    Bodi is foreigner-friendly but they will not accept Hindu gang rapists.
    i am coming to shanghai next week....
    do u provide BJ along with gagging.....

    also i want CIM multiple shots.....

    what will be the price.
    Bodi construction / remodel?

    Went to Bodi the other night. What a mess. Very rushed service by the support staff. Elevators are out of service. Was not allowed to hang out for drinks or food. I hope they get their act together soon.
    Visited Bodi this afternoon, got there around 2:30PM. Strangely, I was given a robe to change into directly in the locker area, skipping the entire ordeal of shower / steam / jacuzzi / backrub. I didn't have a lot of time anyway, so while I was a bit surprised but I did not object to the arrangement. After changing I was led directly into the waiting area, and before my beverage showed up, the papasan came in and said the girls are ready. I was being led to the selection area in a stream of 5 patrons and each of us had to hurriedly pick in a lineup of approximately 10 girls, none exactly total stunners IMHO. I ended up picking 505, slender build, and her magic bra made her knockers at least two sizes larger visually than what they really are, but they are very soft to the touch. On the way up, we exchanged some jokes about Chinese Valentines Day, then I asked her to pick a partner. She then proceeded to call her friend. 675, whom I am pretty sure was not in the lineup presented to me. (I guess it is pretty obvious there are some girls being reserved).675 has much better appeal in my taste, and I probably would have instantly picked her if she was in the lineup. In side the room they were talking about business and I asked them about the lineup, then they told me they have a shortage of girls today because every girl with a boyfriend is off duty today. Usual nuru bath, cat bath, then full service. Nice attitude and cooperation among the two generally. Service clock runs out at 45 minutes, headed back to lounge area requested ear picking service, ended up waiting 20 minutes for an ear-picker to become available. 15 minute ear cleaning service + 15 minute head and scalp massage 198 RMB extra. I would have stayed longer for the usual prostate massage extra, but I was pressed for time. Left the club around 4:15, saw a wave of customers coming into the club as I left. Total damage: 15XX RMB in slightly less than two hours.
    Was in Shanghai recently and had the opportunity to try the infamous Bodi Sauna. I think enough has been said about the services the joint offers so I am reluctant to add to what has already been said. My own FR as follows. Arrived at the joint past midnight. After changing into their kimono outfit (with shorts), was led through a long and winding (and I mean long and winding passageway) to a room with pink lights. In this room were about 15 WLs that you are supposed to choose from. They came in all shapes and sizes, some short, some tall, some slim, some a bit of meat (not too much). All were dressed in just a bra and panties (some had a transparent scarf covering their panties). I think the bras are push-up bras intended to accentuate their boobs. Don't be fooled by what appears full size tits. All put on or tried to put on a smile and CFM look hoping to entice me to choose them. In the end chose a medium height gal. Was then led to yet another staircase to a row of room where the action is to take place. The room is a fairly big room with a queen size bed and a very large bathroom that had a super single size bed. Action began in the bathroom with me lying face down on the super single bed and the WL giving me a soapy scrub and bath. OK, but nothing great (at least got rid of all the dirt on my body). Then moved to the queen sized bed where she gave me a catbath followed by a long BBBJ. She then capped me and rode me for a while before I finished her in missionary. Overall an OK experience but nothing exceptional. Damage was RMB880 (@SGD180). No fruits or food were provided. There are quite a number of similar places in Shanghai (but perhaps not that many with a beauty parade) and will be trying others next time I am there. BTW, place operates from 1 pm to 2 am and is located on the left side (as you are facing Bodi Hotel) of Bodi Hotel. I did not see any signboard or other thing advertising the place, but there is a reception counter just as you walk in.
    Bodi 676 Sweet white skinned and fairly large breasted babe. Good service. Nice oral skills. Nice face. Narrow waist / hips and a little flat in the ass. Flat stomach. I would repeat.
    Took some time to find this place and a lady showed me in and saw a girl and she wasn't my type, so I wanted to choose myself and finally made a deal with 880 RMB. After a while, my girl came and had shower together combined with some nuru massage, she offered me an amazing HJ and made me cum, showered again and moved to the bedroom for some further actions. Great BBBJ, cowgirl, missionary, and finished with a hard doggie. 
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