"999" Jiu Yuan Club (Shanghai)

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    Address: 999 Tianyaoqiao Lu
    Also Known As: 金多桑拿中心
    DBA in local language: 香茗会所(原:玖源桑拿会所)
    Open Hours: 10.00am-2.00am
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
    Foreigner Friendly: Yes
    About Me:
    "999" Jiu Yuan Club was one of the most popular locations for western guys want to enjoy sauna clubs in shanghai. but its present name is Koyo Sauna Club(香茗会所), there has been no "999" logo on the door. Their service is better than golden 18 or hai lang Club, sometimes you can also enjoy uniform-games or they will use toys to make you hot. They also will offer the "red rope helicopter trick". From here, you will find one of the better values for different kind of massage without having to compromise a serene environment. Light refreshments are served before and after your massage, completing the soothing experience. And if you’re up for it, spinal joint cracking can be performed upon request. They also offer "fishbowl" selection for the girls, so you can make your decision more relaxed than with the "line up" selection.
    When a Nuru is not a Nuru and further disappointment with 999

    I'm an infrequent visitor to Shanghai and I've been wanting to try the infamous Nuru massage, of which I have heard a lot, and seen plenty in streamed japanese porn clips. Went to 999, where there have been reports of Nuru, even of that other japanese export cosplay, but was disappointed to get the standard soapy fare. Not that I'm against soapies in general. I just wanted something different.

    To add to the disappointment, this soapy was way below standard. I chose number 883 on the second showing of 8-10 girls, and realised too late that I was unduly influenced by the very short denim shorts she was wearing. Always a sucker for those. Anyway, I asked for "shui mo" having picked up somewhere on the forum that this is the word for Nuru. Of course, as soon as I said it, I realised how ambiguous the expression is. The girl assured me that she was going to give me shui mo, as she was filling a bowl with suds. Having no idea of how to say "gel" I fumbled about explaining that it wasn't soap and was tasteless and came from Japan."Oh, do you prefer Japanese girls?" she says. I give up and endured a particularly lame attempt at a soapy followed by the sort of "oh it's too big" and "hurry up and cum" performance I would expect of a 150 rmb BBS quickie rather than a trained 880 rmb sauna girl. Really not impressed.

    I think I might head back to Heting, which used to be my Shanghai stopover regular. No "wet massage" there, but I have had excellent service every time.

    BTW, went to 999 the other night. Still clean, decent service. No. 11 was a lot of fun. Great smile, no rushing. One of the best soapy gals I've had. We didn't even bother with the massage, at my request. I asked her if she liked oral; her face lit up and she said "Of course!" As I wrote above, that did the trick for her. The moral here? One good way to help your gal get her jollies is to ASK! Ask her what she likes or doesn't like. Can't go wrong with that and you score points for being considerate. I always chuckle when I read about guys who want the ultimate GFE but don't give a fig about being a nice guy in return. Yeah, you're paying for it, but that's besides the point. It should be fun for both, IMHO.
    Every day we learn something new... Tonight I learnt that 999 fish tank is not one way vision... the girl I had before recognized me immediately and her large eyes grew even larger... And some of the girls in the previous lineup recognized me too!
    Went twice to 999 for the first time. First time got 824 but I'm not sure about the number. Good service, with the routine and french kissing, fingered, so a good experience. This week end got 805, bad experience, do recommend 805, she really bad set of teeth, did not see it in the fishbowl. She is cleaning your dick during a couple of minutes; afraid of everything ask me to put a condom on finger if I want to finger her. Why not a condom on my mouth for a 69. Other point, I like tall girl, but the fishbowl is at their advantages, next I will take more time to choose. Finally after somme year in China, the experience is quite better in Germany. Compare to the price and the number of experience under the average in China. The sex industry follow the trend of China in general.
    999 Sauna report I visited 999 Sauna two times. First time I choosed only one girl (can't remember the nr). She was very beautiful and nice. This was the first time for me to visite a sauna place but I was more then satisfed. This girl was amazing and she enjoyed also. I wish she could speak english, but we used body lang instead. I saw in this forum and other places that people recommed to take 2 girls in this place so I went there again and choosed 2 girls (didn't saw my favorite girl there). But this time I was very disappointed, these girls talked with each other a lot. Sometimes they laught, they complained that my dick was to big. They talked with each other and even if I can't their language I could understand what they where talking about. They tried to make me come as soon as possible, it was to much fake. I was very disappointed, it was total different with one girl only. So my advice is to take only one girl. I paid 1380 rmb, and went out from there. Not so happy. I should go to Manhattan instead and pick up a girl, I heard that you can find a girl for whole night about 1500 rmb.
    i went to 999 as recommended by bro masslin. Very nice deco and many pretty gals to choose. About 10 gals when i was there. Choose a Sichuan mei mei with number 17. Overall very good service. Price is RMB880 (all inclusive)
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    I went to 999 this afternoon and was not disappointed. 880 RMB for an hour of "special massage" as the doorman asked to make sure I knew what I was getting into. Since it was the afternoon, there were hardly any customers, just one other guy in the fishbowl viewing area. About 15 HOT girls, many 8's and 9's. I quickly picked a girl who looked like a hotter version of an ex-crush, and off we went. Shower, nuru massage, BBBJ, HJ, CFS were all great. Also, the staff were extremely helpful. Highly recommended.
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