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This is an outcall male massage center. Our guys are very  gentle, kind, handsome, funny and friendly. They have accepted the professional training. Our perfect massage is an incredibly unique and pleasurable experience. We can provide you a wonderful, strong, thorough, deep and sensual massage with a varity of techniques. you will enjoy one of the best male massage experience you have never enjoyed. Please call me at: +86-15000420010.
Male massage for men from a professional shanghai masseur JJ. Professional Thai aromatherapy massage and Thai body oil massage service. Whole body massage includes pressure and elbow on the massage points of traditional Chinese medicine and points do ai grass aromatherapy therapy. Essential oil is used to push along the energy meridians to alleviate the effects of physical fatigue. Relax and enjoy a comfortable, healing massage. Outcall service t...
Outcall massage for men providing quality bodywork and stress release in a friendly manner. A combination of Swedish style strokes to relax and calm you and deep tissue work in the areas that you need it most to release tension and knots. I also incorporate Esalen style, using long, nurturing strokes, which is sensual and relaxing. Years of experience. Fully trained and skilled at what I do. Mobile: 137-1617-5625
You might have an idea of what you are looking for, and I will positively suit your needs; most importantly, a very sensual massage experience. I like to have a great time and will be a perfect male masseur and companion for well-mannered and respectful gentlemen who appreciate the massage of a strong man. Please call me at: 139-1770-6271
Hello guy, my name is Jony. I am a trained massage therapist in shanghai , and I know how to give you the massage you really want. If you like a strong male masseur, with a big smile and great attitude you will love me, it is my purpose to make you enjoy my massage and be happy. My value is imbedded in your happiness. Don't hesitate to call me : 139-1725-1749
I am liu, a hot male masseur ! I am a very sexy male masseur , friendly and well educated, but best of all.I offer absolutely the best male massage. I would love to pamper you from head to toe! I take pride in my massage work, and strive to be the best for my exclusive clients. I enjoy giving 5 star sessions that are second to none. Please call me at: 139-1697-6334 .
This is ken, I am a male massage with 2 years experiences in this field and I know what a man needs and I offer a sensual experience. I am everything you desire and so much more. If you are looking for elegance, class and beauty all in one unbelievable male masseur then your search has come to an end. Don't hesitate to call me at: 139-1728-4819


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